Ritual Face Cream

Deeply nourishing face cream infused with organically grown flowers, CBD, tamanu Oil, rosehip seed oil & schisandra berry extract.

Experience the benefits of skin nourishing phyto-nutrients, minerals and anti-oxidants that work together to renew, repair, protect and tone the skin. Scent is slightly sweet and earthy.

Hydration Ritual

After cleansing the face apply a small amount of cream in gentle motions around the face, neck and chest.

Sesame oil*, Sunflower oil*, Rose*, Lavender*, Calendula*, Mafura butter, Rosehip oil*, Tamanu oil, Schisandra berry extract, Elderberry extract, CBD, Jasmine flower wax, Bees Wax, Hemp e.o, Helichrysum e.o, Benzoin resinoid, Rose geranium e.o.*Palmarosa e.o.

Comes in 1 oz and 2 oz sizes.

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