New Beginnings

Commit to your spiritual practice in 2024

with our favorite tools, teachings, and products to guide the way into an amazing New Year.

Practices to Support Your New Beginning


Journaling is a powerful tool to gain clarity, set intentions, and stay connected to the Divine Spirit that lives within us.

Take some time to reflect on your spiritual goals for the year, using your journal as a guide to bring these forward.

To help you gain clarity around your intentions for 2024... We’ve created a New Beginnings Journal with several prompts to help you manifest your best year yet.


Creating A Sacred Space

An Altar is a beautiful way to create a calm, centering environment for tapping into your inner knowing.

This altar will serve as an extension of your own spirit & personal energy. So it’s important to ensure that your altar is constantly being blessed with new energy.

We recommend adorning your altar with an altar cloth, lighting a candle & keeping fresh flowers on it always.

Creating A Sacred Space

Starting a Meditation Practice

The practice of meditation is about getting to know oneself by building an awareness of the limiting, repetitive thought loops that surface in the stillness.

Over time, this awareness translates into daily life, allowing you to recognize & gently replace the negative patterns with more aligned thoughts, for better connectivity to your True Self.

To help support you in starting or deepening your meditation practice in 2024... We’d like to share 4 free meditations from the Four Visions Team. Practice one each week, through the month of January.

Starting a Meditation Practice

Weekly Meditations for January

Join our Four Visions’ team as they guide you through 4 beautiful meditations, made with love and appreciation to support our Four Visions’ Tribe in the New Year. Practice one each week, through the month of January.

Gratitude Meditation with Mariah

Reflection Meditation with Ashley

Grounding Meditation with Nicole

Visualization Meditation with Mishy

Clearing Stagnant Energy

As we enter into a new year, it’s important to clear any old or stagnant energy to make room for fresh new energy to fill your life.

This can be done by smudging your physical space with palo santo, copal or sage.

It can also be done energetically with the help of plant allies, like plant baths & healing sprays / lotions.

We offer a wide variety of made-in-prayer energy clearing tools that are perfect for the new year.

Clearing Stagnant Energy

Grounding Rituals

One of the best ways to remain firmly rooted in your intentions for the year is through grounding rituals.

These rituals will serve as an anchor to your spiritual practice and help you course correct when you get off track.

In addition to journaling & meditation - spending time in Nature & establishing a morning & evening spiritual routine are simple ways to remain grounded in your practice.

For extra support you may also find it helpful to incorporate a microdosing protocol with our best-selling Ambi Sacha Yagé Tincture or add Suma Causay Sleep Support to your evening routine.

Grounding Rituals