Arkana Protector Original Ceremonial Art

**Ceremonial art from world renowned medicine artist, Mauro.**

For those who are familiar with Ayahuasca Art, they may have seen photos of these pieces before because they are very famous and well known. These are the original paintings. Mauro is currently finishing his ceremonial center in Peru and is wanting to find homes for these six pieces to raise funds for the completion of his temple.

To have a ceremonial piece of art like this in your home is a great blessing. It acts as an anchor of spiritual connection for your space and for those who inhabit it. These pieces are infused with tremendous prayer and many years of study and connection with the plants of the jungle. Each one carries a unique prayer and seed song within it.

Description of this piece:

It is a plant spiritual animal symbol that is put on the person in the Ayahuasca ceremonies. In this healing art we have the Eagle as protector. The transformation of jaguars asks the vegetalista shamans curanderos in duality. The ancestral knowledge comes from the root, the trunk and the bud. The mushrooms are part of my cosmic experience, identifying the butterfly and the hummingbirds as messengers of knowledge with the study of nature.


27 x 47 inches

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