Self Love Sampler

Self Love Sampler
Heart Opening Price: $111 (retail is $145)

For a limited time only, experience the powerful medicine of two of our most popular
Heirloom Ceremonial Cacaos paired with our Pristine Rose Hydrosol, delivering a
bundle that will awaken your capacity for self-love and acceptance.
This dynamic and grounding bundle includes 1lb of Nana Marina Cacao, 1lb of Mana
from Heaven Cacao, and our therapeutic & aromatic specialty grade Pristine Rose
Hydrosol. Curated to warm your heart and encourage a sense of inner love, peace, and

Nana Marina Cacao (1lb): Nana Marina is a Guatamayan Elder and Guardian of
Traditional Ceremonial Cacao Medicine.. Nana Marina’s Cacao is truly fair-trade, passed
through the hands of the indigenous Guatemalans who share an ancient history with the plant. This sacred, native cacao, called “Criollo Cacao”, is one of the most revered and honored plants for the Mayan people, and now by many around the world.

  •  Ingredients: Organic Cacao Beans from Guatemala;
  • Best for: Connecting to Feminine Ancestors;
  • Mood: Heart-Opening, Awakening, Grounding;
  • Tasting Notes: Tobacco, Earth, Smoke.

Mana from Heaven (1lb): Mana from Heaven is a wild-harvested Chuncho cacao, a
native variety from southern Peru, belonging to the Alto Amazonas Forastero peoples. Its
origins date back centuries when it was grown by the Machiguenga indigenous
communities in the Amazon basin.

  • Ingredients: Organic Cacao Beans from Peru;
  • Best for: Cultivating a Wild Spirit;
  • Mood: Luxurious, Expansive, Eye-Opening;
  • Tasting Notes: Citrus, Wood, Rose, Wild Current.

Pristine Rose Hydrosol (2oz): More than just rose water, this hydrosol is medicine
for the senses and magic for the soul. Notably sweet, potent, and intoxicating, our
fragrant rose hydrosol boasts five varieties of roses and is infused with Rosa Damascene and Rose Quarts essences.

Ingredients: 100% Organic homegrown Rosa Damascena, rose quartz
essence, biodynamic flower essences of red, white, pink, wild & peach rose.

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