Ceremonial Sombrero Small

We are thrilled to share that we now have a brand new collection of Ceremonial Sombreros available on our marketplace!

The Sombrero (hat), essence of the Colombian llanero. The hat is an essential piece for the llanera tradition. Not only is it an implement to protect oneself from the sun, but it also represents the empowerment of their traditions and respect for them. For the llanero, the hat is an extension of himself, since he only removes it to say hello or to enter places that deserve reverence such as temples.
In the plain a variety of hats are actually used, but basically they are divided into two groups: hats for work and hats for special occasions, among them we find this type of hat, which is a very durable hat, which is generally used as a luxury for special occasions. It is made of rabbit hair or sheep's wool by artisan hands, which have inherited this tradition for generations.

These hand-made leather hats carry with them a sacred tradition.

In the Amazonian culture, hats are a symbol of protection, status and ancestry. Much like a Shaman’s feather crown, they are worn to protect the mind and spirit. The head is a place where we take on energetic thought, and is vulnerable to toxins or negative energies if not protected.

By wearing a ceremonial hat, we offer protection to our crown chakra, while also connecting the crown chakra to all of Creation and the Spirit. The hats can be worn in ceremony or as part of your everyday style.

Each of the ceremonial sombreros available are crafted with sustainably sourced leather, and accented with a unique band that carries the prayers of traditional weavings. The beadwork is done by hand, and each band symbolizes a unique prayer and spiritual vibration. To wear this beadwork so close to the crown Chakra is to allow the weaving prayer to deeply resonate within our mind as you open yourself to the Creator.

Size small

Circumference measurement: 19.75 inches

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