Dream Wise 30 Day Adaptogenic Mushroom Chocolate

One month supply of medicinal chocolate cups infused with adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms for rest and rejuvenation.

Raw Cacao powder, cacao butter, coconut sugar, lions mane, reishi, l-theanine, holy basil, ashwaganda, blue lotus, passionflower, rose water, pink himalayan salt

*All ingredients used are fresh, organic and of highest purity. Each batch of medicinal chocolate is handmade in reverence and in prayer.

Lions Mane: Supports brain plasticity and brain health

Reishi:Nourishes all three Treasures, Jing, Qi and Shen. Supports immune functions, the liver and the brain.

L-Theanine: An amino acid naturally found in plant sources such as tea leaves and some mushrooms. Benefits include helping to support alertness, relaxation, and sleep

Holy basil (Tulsi): Supports the liver while facilitating better nutrient absorption. Boosts metabolism and digestion of proteins, fats, and carbs while helping bring hormonal balance.

Ashwaganda: Improves under active thyroid function and helps relieve adrenal fatigue. Combats stress and anxiety while balances blood sugar levels.

Blue Lotus:An effective sleep aid thanks to the presence of compounds including nuciferine and aporphine. These compounds offer relaxing effects and a calming sensation that help to induce more peaceful sleep. Brings bright vivid dreams and tranquil energies.

Passionflower: Assists and supports with anxiety and sleep problems, relaxes nervous system and helps heartbeat irregularities, menopausal symptoms, and attention-deficit disorder.

Astragalus: Strengthens metabolic, respiratory and eliminative functions. Assists in fluid movement of microcosmic orbit.

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