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Guacamayo Feather Flower Earrings

Check out these new VERY special feather earrings from our partners over at The Children of the Rainforest.

These one of a kind earrings are hand-made with vibrant macaw feathers straight from the Amazon Jungle.

It's very difficult to sustainably harvest & ship such delicate items overseas…Supply is very limited & we are expecting them to sell out quickly.

Measurements: approximately 15 inches in length

These gorgeous earrings are made by Ãdxuara Tsaēhú Pataxó. She lives in the Aldeia Velha in Bahia from the Pataxó people. The Pataxó are an indigenous people of Brazil and live in several villages in the southern part of the state of Bahia and northern part of the state of Minas Gerais. They once spoke the Pataxó language, but now speak Portuguese and a revitalized version of the Pataxó language called Patxohã. The Pataxó’s territory is part of a wider region traditionally inhabited by the group. The region was mainly converted into private farms by settlers who persecuted the Pataxó, and in 1961, they were expelled from the largest remaining forest and integrated into the dominant society, losing their indigenous identity and settling in cities.

50% of all proceeds are being sent directly back to the 501(c)(3) non-profit Children of the Rainforest, one of our nonprofit partners. Children of the Rainforest is a non-profit organization, spearheaded by Chief Biraci of the Yawanawa Tribe, dedicated to helping the Yawanawa Tribe of the Amazon preserve their language and traditions. Their mission is to safeguard the rich culture of the Yawanawa so they may continue to thrive & share their ancient wisdom and to help foster the education of the next Yawanawa generation…Your purchase directly supports this prayer.

***Photos of Ãdxuara are shared with her permission.

***Lifestyle photos of the earrings being modeled are to have an idea of their length and how extraordinary they are.

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