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Guatamayan Ceremonial Shirt

We are thrilled to receive these amazing textiles from the family of Nana Marina, renowned Guatemayan healer & medicine woman. These weavings are 100% cotton and made with tremendous prayer, love, & intention. Each one carries generations of spiritual protection & blessings from the Guatemayan weavers. The models in the photos are family members of Nana Marina. We are so grateful for the opportunity to work in partnership with Nana Marina.

Guatemalan weavings are complex and intricate. There is a lot of work that goes into every step of the creation process. It all starts with raw cotton, which the women beat down with sticks to soften the fibers. After the cotton can be separated easily, they take small handfuls and pull it apart. A final cleaning by hand removes any unwanted debris.

This process cleans the materials and removes any debris that may have been hiding in it. After it’s been carded and cleaned, the artisan pulls a thin piece from the bundle and spins it to create a thread.

In addition to hand woven fabrics, Guatemalan textiles are known for their intricate and colorful embroidery. There are no machines here – all embroidery is done by hand with a needle and thread. Often patterns are memorized or created as the artisan goes, which makes for beautiful and subtle nuances in each one-of-a-kind piece.

***Proceeds go to preserve this ancestral art. When we lose ancestral art we lose entire cultures and the preservations of these weavings are very important. Within the purchase of these textiles you are supporting the preservation of entire ancestral wisdom architectures and the Mayan cosmology.***

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