Heart Opening Hapé Sampler

Heart Opening Hapé Sampler (1oz each)
Promo Price: is $222 (retail is $295) or $150 without microdose

Heart Opening Hapé Sampler (1/2 oz each)
Promo Price: is $165 (retail is $205) or $88 without a microdose

This powerful Collector’s Edition Sampler channels the energies of the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine, and the Cosmic Mermaid, delivering a unique
experience that will allow you to tap into deeper parts of your soul.

For a little extra love, add our Reishi Rose Microdose. This special medicine
is designed to support heart opening and an overall connection to love.
These mushroom-infused cacao cups feature golden teacher, reishi, red
rose petals, and medicinal herbs.

Cacao Warrior Heart: This hapé is mixed with the ashes of cacao beans to aid in
cultivating courage, opening the heart, bringing in joy and happiness.

Nukini Rose: Made by the powerful Nukini tribe, this hapé is blended with the ashes of
white roses and is said to help connect with the heart, and align with the Divine

Limited Edition Bobinsana: Bobinsana is a master dream plant used to open the heart
and connect deeply with the dream world.

(Optional) + 1 Reishi Rose Microdose:This warming, heart-opening medicine is a
true love tonic that inspires self-love, love for others, and love for the Divine.

  • Ingredients: Sustainable Heirloom Cacao, Maple Sugar, Reishi Fruiting
  • Bodies, Wildcrafted Red Rose Petals, Microdose.
  • Best for: Nature Communion, Self Love/Care, Healing in Relationship, Grief
  • Support.
  • Mood: Grounding, heart-opening, relaxing embodiment;
  • Tasting Notes: Rose Petals, Citrus, Smoke.

Important Health Information:
If you have any health conditions or are pregnant or nursing, please consult with your
medical advisor before using any of our products.

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