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Hummingbird Pendant

**Authentic Ingano Art (One-of-A-Kind/Fair Trade)**

These sweet pendants are a wonderful way to invite the energy of the hummingbird into your life. Displaying a multitude of colors and hovering over flowers, they are a tireless life force. The hummingbird carries the blessings and guidance from the celestial realm, blessing your life with love and joy. They will connect you to the Creative Force of Life, encouraging playfulness and for you to enjoy the sweetness and simple pleasures that life has to offer. They are also thought to attract good luck and purity. They make a wonderful addition to your home, office, healing space, car or anywhere you want to call in the sweetness of life.

The Ingano people of Putumayo, Colombia, are a wise and light-hearted tribe with tremendous love and wisdom to share. They are herbalists and medicine people who love the plants and live their lives in deep reverence for Pachamama (Mother Earth). This tribe produces beautiful handwoven beaded jewelry and art that is inspired through visions received from the sacred plant medicines that they work with.

Their handicraft describes the ceremony of Life, through the pintas (visions) of the Inga culture. In this lineage, their beadwork captures the essence of the guidance that comes through their shamanic communions with Spirit. They describe their beadwork as "weaving the dreaming"; each piece is woven in a state of silent prayer, and specific intentions or visions are infused into the craft.

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