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Pinguyo Flute

We are thrilled to announce our newest collection of ceremonial instruments....Only limited quantity of these beauties available!

In the culture of yagé, music is a weaving that helps to call forth & celebrate the sound of creation, the sound of origin. It is a form of prayer, of expression of love, and of the celestial celebration that we all want to live on a daily basis. This flute will serve as a dear companion on your path and accompany you in many ceremonies for many years to come.

It is said that the stunningly beautiful birdlife of South America, its mountains and forest alive with magical and musical calls, inspired the first Indigenous flutemakers to create instruments that would put them on par with the birds.

The grandfathers and the grandmothers teach that the indigenous ancestors, when sound was originating on Earth, used whistles from stones and rocks that are traditional from places like Mexico. These whistles were used to communicate with each other when they were out of ears or vocal reach. They would communicate with one another regarding the hunt, food or if someone was arriving to their community. All of the wind instruments represent the sound of the wind, the call and the song of the birds, just like when the wind rustles through a forest of bamboo and makes a beautiful song of sound. This is what is invoked through the wind instruments.

The different types of flutes typically comes from Peru or Bolivia. They have a variety of sounds depending on where they come from, the climate that the bamboo was grown in, as well as the different materials that are used in making them. Some sounds are sweeter, some sounds are more dry, some sounds are sharper and they invoke different energies and can be used in different ways for different healings and different prayers. The tuning, the size and the name all change with the different types of flutes.

The pinguyos are small lovely sounding flutes that are responsible for many of the well known shamanic harmonies. They’re one of our easiest to play flute. From there learning the melodies can be very smooth with the help of our in house professionally trained musician Juan David.

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