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Roads to the Mountains Arhuaca Mochila

These Arhuaca Bags come from the Arhuaco tribe of the Colombian region of the Sierra Nevada. These bags are a traditional prayer for the men and women of the tribe, made with 100% local wool harvested from animals they raise themselves. Each bag is unique and its design reflects Indigenous beliefs and customs, depicting themes of nature such as rivers, mountains and animals all of which are revered by the Arhuaco People. These bags are an ancient tradition and all of them represent Mother Earth and fertility the design and way they are made. Due to the material and quality as well as the type of stitch being more detailed and taking more time, our Arhuaca bags are more pricey than our Wayuu bags. But don’t be fooled—these bags will last FOREVER and are well worth the investment. Plus you can easily throw it in the washer in cold water and they come out like new.

Unique Prayer of this Bag: The symbolism of this bag represents the the different roads that lead to the mountains surrounded by coffee and rice. It's a reminder to connect with nature and all of it's beauty, and to be grateful for all of the many blessings in our lives.

Measurements: 11 x11 inches

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