Flower of the Jungle Traditional Ceremonial Mask

**Ceremonial art from the Sacha Waira Collective.**

Gorgeous, one of kind, traditional masks to call forth the spirits of the Lords of the Yage, made by the Sacha Waira Art Collective. Each one of them are incredible additions to your home, your altar space and to illuminate your sacred spaces with the spirit and force of the jungle, the spirits of nature and they bring protection to the home.

Masks have played an important role in many indigenous cultures and traditions. They were created to portray ancestors, animals, and mythical heroes in the hopes that the spirit would be pleased and would bless the tribe with protection or good fortune. They were also worn in celebratory circumstances.

To have a ceremonial piece of art like this in your home is a great blessing. It acts as an anchor of spiritual connection for your space and for those who inhabit it.


approximately 40 cm / 16 inches x 4.25 inches

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