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Yawanawa Agua de Estrellas Earrings

These one of a kind earrings are designed to bless you with the art of listening and attuning to the present moment. As we adorn our ears, a place of receptivity, we are able to bring beauty into how and what we hear & how we receive this information. Every medicine woman deserves a pair of earrings that make her feel like a goddess. This are drop dead gorgeous & will be a pair that you cherish for many years to come. Sterling silver hooks.

These gorgeous handmade seed bead earrings come Hushahu Yawanawa, leader & female pajé along with her sister of the Yawanawa nation. It is an honor to carry these power pieces from a lineage holder. For Hushahu, through her art she is able to call upon the spirits of all of Creation and these pieces are CHARGED with the force of the jungle.

Measurements: approximately 6 inches in length

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