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Yawanawa Jungle Messages Bracelet Cuff **for small-medium sized wrist**

**Authentic Yawanawa Jewelry & Art (One-of-A-Kind/Fair Trade)**

These gorgeous handmade bracelets come from Hushahu Yawanawa, leader & female pajé of the Yawanawa nation, along with her fellow weavers. It is an honor to carry these power pieces from a lineage holder. For Hushahu, through her art she is able to call upon the spirits of all of Creation and these pieces are CHARGED with the force of the jungle.The Bracelets incorporate the tribal “Kenê” as they call the symbols they use in body painting and other spiritual art forms. When a Kenê is painted the force of that particular symbol or animal is invoked to bring protection or healing. They combine history, memory and art and have sacred meaning, creating the connection with forest beings, the ancestral force, invoking courage, strength, power and wisdom. It is a language of great importance for the artistic and cultural heritage of these peoples, suggesting a present exchange, between ways of observing, experiencing and understanding the world.

These are cuffs, meaning that they are closed bracelets and one has to slide them over the wrist. They traditionally are tight, and stretch slightly over time, but it is normal to use coconut oil or another body lotion to get the cuff on originally, and it is typically worn for an extensive period of time, rather than taken on and off. In general we have found those who have smaller wrists have an easier time with these cuff bracelets, but they are designed for both men & women.This is a smaller one.

Sizing: 3 inch width. Ideal for a smaller wrist.

When one of these pieces calls to you, it means that the prayer of the specific bracelet resonates with the vibration your own soul’s blueprint. You are being called to a piece to support you in deepening within the specific power or intention that that weaving invokes. Another way to find the piece that is right for you is to tune in, ask Creator what your intention is for having one of these pieces, and to call forth the piece that supports you in that intention. You will instantly be attracted to the right piece for you and there will be a clear yes in your heart when you’ve found the right piece :)

Made in: Acre, Brazil

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