Amazonian White Copal Oil

Our Amazonian White Copal Oil is the perfect way to connect more deeply with the essence of copal, by applying it directly to the skin and letting the wisdom of the ancestral plant resin travel through your ancestral memory, cleaning, purifying, and offering protection. Our Amazonian White Copal comes from Colombia, hand harvested in prayer and reverence by local tribes. Copal is perhaps one of the strongest, most potent smudging agents, and should be called upon for deep cleansing, ritual, and moments when you need to cut heavy or dense energies. 

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~ Powerful energetic cleansing
~ Great for clearing strong energies
~ Purifies and renews
~ Removes negative energy and brings forth protection
~ Shifts and moves the dense energies.
~ Physical benefits include anti-bacterial, antiseptic properties, soothes muscular aches & pains
~ The perfect all natural insect repellent.

Copal is ancient resin used throughout the Americas in sacred practice and ceremony. This white copal comes from the Amazon jungle of Colombia. It is hand harvested in prayer and reverence by local tribes.

The sacred copal tree is a long-standing plant ally for the shamanic wisdom traditions of South America. This Colombian Copal is traditionally used throughout a Yagé ceremony, to move heavy energies and support the shamanic journeys of participants. Copal is perhaps our strongest, most potent smudging agent and is great to have on hand for moments when you are needing the strength and power of copalito.

This beautiful Copal Oil is made to be able to experience the incredible benefits of copal without having to burn it. This is perfect for those who have an aversion to smoke but would still like to experience the benefits of copal.

Ethically Harvested Copal Tree Resin infused in Organic Sunflower Oil.

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