Colombian Ceremonial Grade Cacao From the Arhuaco Tribe

We are blessed and humbled to carry this sacred cacao in our apothecary from the Arhuaco Tribe of Colombia. The Arhuaco Tribe are a wise people who steward a vision for the new Earthfor humanity. They’re lifestyle is one of profound ritual and regular spiritual payments, as they are guardians and protectors of the Earth. This particular cacao carries the powerful prayers and high vibration of these wisdom carriers.

The Arhuaco people grew cacao over six hundred years ago, prior to colonization of the Americas. When they lost their ancestral lands, over time their cacao traditions faded. With their territory recently recognized as a "living being" and receiving federal protection, they have regained access to their ancestral cacao growing territory, and their knowledge of cacao is coming back strong. They are lovingly sharing the legacy of their ancestors with us. 

Best for: Grounding & Peacefulness

Mood: Luxurious, Cozy, Nourishing

Tasting Notes (Flavor Profile): Coffee, Bark, Graham Crackers (these are tasting notes, not ingredients)



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General Cacao Benefits:
~ Opens the heart chakra, calling forth more love into our lives
~ Enhances the mood, reduces stress and anxiety
~ Increases focus & creativity
~ Contains theobromine, a compound that has been shown to improve cognitive function and focus.
~ Packed with antioxidants and minerals such as magnesium, iron, and calcium.
~ Supports heart health and prevention of cardiovascular diseases
~ Contains healthy fats to nourish skin, hair, and nails

Arhuaco Cacao Benefits:
~ Connects you to the loving spirit of the Arhuaco people and their region, the Sierra Nevada, known as the heart of the Earth
~ Inspires profound connection and reverence for Mother Earth and the Primordial Essence of Creation
~ Helps you to connect to your authentic medicine and uncover your deeper purpose and how to be in greater service to Nature.

Ceremonial grade cacao is a pure, raw form of chocolate that is used in traditional indigenous ceremonies and rituals as a means of connecting with the spirit world. Mama Cacao is a powerful plant ally and teacher who lovingly embraces us, bringing teachings, guidance, and sweetness to our lives.

Our Arhuaco Cacao comes in the form of cacao chips, rather than in entire 1lb blocks. This makes dosage super easy.

When working with ceremonial cacao, we invite you to utilize prayer and intention and create a ritual around your communion. Below are some tips to creating a sacred ritual with cacao.

Sample Cacao Ceremony:

Prepare the Space:Smudge with copal or another smudging agent to clear the space and invite the spirits of Nature to join you in prayer. You can light candles or put on ceremonial music or add any other elements that you feel called to your ritual.

Set a clear intention which honors the plant first, then your journey and experience second.

Honor: Take a moment to acknowledge the Original Keepers of tradition, their efforts and sacrifices.

Offering:Make an offering, whether to the spirit of the cacao, the earth, the waters, etc. It’s always good to give thanks by giving back in the form of an offering for all of which we receive. Your offering can be in the form of flowers, copal/herbs, songs, prayers, etc. We always like to offer the best of the best and not just what we have left.

Gratitude: Gratitude is the most important part of our rituals. We give thanks to our ancestors, to the four elements, the four directions, the spirit of the plant(s), the sacred sites, etc.

100% ceremonial grade cacao from Colombia.

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