Coquindo Oil

Coquindo is a rare amazonian seed with incredible properties of heart opening, grounding. It is often used to call forth abundance, and good-fortune. Our coquindo oil is an extract of pure coquindo seed. It has a sweet, spicy aroma unlike anything you have ever smelled. Because of its potent healing properties, Coquindo is a wonderful plant ally to work with during prayer and meditation, as well as for rituals and spiritual offerings. 

~ Brings calmness, nourishing the nervous system
~ Calls forth the sweetness of nature
~ Use in prayer to bring blessings + abundance into your life.
~ Opens the heart, heals wounds of the heart. Can be used to call forth love into your life.

Our Coquindo Oil is a pure plant extract. This seed comes to us from the Inga People of Putumayo, Colombia. It's healing power is of incalculable value. This beautiful herbal extract is known to calm anxiety and aid in prayer and meditation.

Four Visions Coquindo Oil is handcrafted by a dear friend and medicine brother in Colombia. Coquindo is a very sacred and rare seed only found in the Amazon. This powerful seed holds a prayer for heart opening, joy, sweetness, and abundance. 

With a beautiful, aromatic fragrance, Coquindo is crucial to the Yagé culture for making many of the traditional medicines. You'll find it in many of our tinctures and lotions as well.

Ethically Harvested Wild Coquindo Seed.

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