Chondur Protection Lotion

Our special Chondur Protection Lotion is made by Taita Juanito, a renowned healer and traditional Botanist from Putumayo, Colombia. This incredible floral water is made with special Amazonian flowers, roots, and seeds, designed offer spiritual and energetic protection for your life. 

Made with a tremendous amount of love and prayers, this lotion is to be used in prayer and ritual to connect deeper with the plant teachers and bring potency to your dialogue with the Creator. Utilizing the sacred chondur, a potent plant ally for protection and contra (counter prayers to ward off negative energy), this blend will help you to extract the bitterness from your life. 

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~ Cleanses your energy field
~ Bring potency to your plant baths
~ Calls forth energetic and spiritual protection
~ Removes bitterness and cuts dense energy
~ Fortify your prayers and daily spiritual practice.
~.Can be used in place of bitter plant baths when traveling.

Our Chondur Protection Lotion is made by Taita Juanito in the tradition of his Ingano ancestors. He has curated these lotions with rare amazonian plants and seeds. This lotion is prepared carefully with intention, praying over each bottle to ensure maximum potency and healing power. Due to the high potency of this lotion, only a little bit is needed to receive the blessings of these tools. The smell of these lotions is divine jungle medicine and you will fall in love with their radiating potency & power.

The Chondur is a sacred plant traditionally used in ceremonial healing work. It is a root and it is said that the roots of the Chondur are the "Little People" who were sent here from the Gods to protect and care for "The Big People", the humans. This is a powerful healing lotion for profound spiritual cleanings that will cut through dense energy and cleanse all negativity, leaving you renewed, purified, and light.

Yagé leaves, Tigre Chondur, Waira Chondur, Verbenilla, Sage, Rue, Ajos Machos, Cucu Limoncillos, Cuco Zarandango, Essential Oils, in a base of Organic Alcohol.

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