Yaguar Ambi Blood Purifier Tincture

Yaguar Ambi Blood Purifier Tincture--Made by Taita Juanito - tap into the healing benefits of working with this special elixir, made in divine prayer to strengthen the blood and circulatory system.

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Yaguar Ambi Blood Purifier Tincture, with regular use, can aid in:

  • Purifying the lungs, brain and all other vital organs while stimulating powerful blood circulation;
  • Cleaning the intestines and pumping out old waste, stimulating bowl movements and increasing metabolism;
  • Building the immune system, cleaning the blood, fighting cholesterol build up, and reducing the occurrence of diabetes;
  • Also known for anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties.

Yaguar Ambi is a traditional recipe of Amazonian plants designed to purify the blood and fortify the circulatory system.  It’s also known to support intestinal health, stimulate the metabolism, and aid in healthy weight loss.

Four Visions is proud to carry this special medicine created in divine prayer, by our teacher, Taita Juanito. This special tincture is made with traditional plants in the way Juan learned from his lineage of botanists from Inga Pueblo of Putumayo, Colombia. 

As you work with Ambi Yaco, you can connect with the wisdom of the indigenous peoples and their traditional ways of healing to support yourself and activate your own power & strength.

Chuquira spinosa: Immunity-anti-inflammatory;

Schkukria pinnata: (Dwarf Mexican Marigold) blood purifier, kidney/liver support, urinary tract infections;

Gentlanella albarosea: (hercampuri) blood purifier, can fight against high cholesterol and diabetes, cleanses the livers, stimulates the metabolism (is good for weight loss);

Bixa orellana: (achiote) blood purifier;

Tabebuia sp: (Pau d’Arco), anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antimicrobial;

Triplaris americana L: (Palo Santo) intestinal health and digestive health;

Other ingredients: water, organic grain alcohol.

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