Chilcuague Root of Gold Healing Spray

You have stumbled upon what is sure to become your new favorite all-purpose healing spray. The word chilcuague has its origin in the Nahuatl because this plant was recognized as Chilcoatl (chil for spicy and coatl for the shape of its root that looks like a snake)...This the ultimate all purpose natural remedy.

Known as raiz de oro, or root of gold, this plant carries many powerful healing properties. Its use dates back to the pre hispanic indigenous cultures of central Mexico. This medicine comes to us from the Sierra de Alvarez in Central Mexico. This potent plant extract has antiseptic, antibiotic, analgesic, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and digestive properties. Its uses are immense.


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~ Alleviates & heals itchiness from bug bites and bee stings
~ Heals rashes, cuts, wounds, and burns
~ Treats respiratory issues such as bronchitis, laryngitis, cough, and colds
~ Eliminates gut parasites
~ Regulates pH imbalances
~ Improves oral health and heals mouth pain from gingivitis, cold sores & tooth aches

Around the 7th century, the Aztecs discovered a rare golden flower growing in the mountains of Mexico.Through Divine Guidance from Patecatl (Aztec god of healing & fertility),they received the message to chew on the root of this rare flower.

Immediately their senses were filled with an unexpected, rich “spiced essence” that faded just as quickly as it came. Their tongues and throats became numb…Their inner channels began to clear…

And the “root of gold" began to cleanse their bodies & dispel blockages in their respiratory system.In an attempt to capture the essence of this powerful new discovery – they affectionately named the root, “Chilcoatl” which translates to “Spicy Snake”.

Please read the reviews to learn more about how our Four Visions tribe incorporates this powerful plant medicine into their wellness routines.

Wildharvested Chilcuague Root distilled in Organic Cane Alcohol

Consumption recommendations are based on use by traditional peoples. This product is not approved by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness. All product information is for educational purposes only. We recommend consulting your medical practitioner before beginning treatment.

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