Ambil Sticks with Cover

These ambil sticks are very powerful pieces made in prayer. They are made of chontaduro, one of the most protective trees in the Amazon and one of the hardest woods. The wood represents the masculine energy and the palm seed on top represents the feminine energy. The colors of the string represent the union of masculine and feminine, to celebrate the colors and the beauty of life. It also carries the energy of abundance from the seed and the energy of protection from the chontaduro.

These sticks are very unique because they also have a cover which are perfect for keeping your medicine bag neat and tidy!

They are made by Jhon Fredy Cepeda and his arts collective, Sacha Waira. Jhon a traditional Guayapo healer and a long time student of Taita Juanito. He is a powerful medicine man and each one of his pieces are charged with the force of the jungle. 

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