Chiricaspi Tincture

Chiricaspi, also known as Chiric Sanango, is a sacred master plant ally used by many traditional Amazonian healing cultures. Her magical purple flowers help to remove fear from our energetic aura, allowing us to step into the fullness of who we are destined to be. Chiricaspi opens the heart, calms and soothes anxiety and worry, and helps us to cultivate self confidence + trust our intuition. She also has numerous physical benefits, and is known for removing cold from the bones, treatment of arthritis and rheumatism, and balancing the nervous system.

Removes Fear ~ Willpower ~ Intuition

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Benefits of Chiricaspi:
~ Opens the heart to the strength and power of true, unconditional love
~ Removes blockages and anything standing in our way from accessing our fullest potential
~ Cleanses the energetic body and offers a layer of protection to help you strengthen your connection with Creation
~ Helps us to remember our place within the greater design of all of Nature.

This potent master plant tincture will help you access to the powers of chiricaspi and connect to its healing power.

Traditionally used in diets, the plant is prepared by stripping the leaves and bark and often the roots and producing a tea like decoction which the dietero then sips according to the regime set out by the maestro curandero. The physical effects of dieting the plant teacher of Chiric Sanango (chiricaspi) are particularly intense and can include dizziness, a feeling of disorientation, itchiness, chills, fatigue, and weakness, nausea and vomiting. None of these effects are felt with the tincture, but you will be able to access the potent healing frequencies, messages, and allyship of the plant ally.

In Peruvian traditions, this plant is seen as masculine in essence. However, in Colombian traditions, the plant is feminine in essence. This is interesting to show the differences across cultures and how they work with the plant. We invite you to work with the spirit of Chiricaspi intuitively, connecting in your own way to its essence and healing power.

Wild Harvested Chiricaspi Flowers + Leaves distilled in Organic Cane Alcohol. 

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