Chuchuhausi Tincture

Chuchuhuasi is a sacred plant teacher known as the warrior’s tree. A master plant ally used for dieting, it is traditionally used for empowerment, integrity, spiritual strength, and vitality. It is well known for its use to treat arthritis, rheumatism, and back pain. The reddish-brown bark has many uses and makes for an incredible, whole-body tonic. 

Benefits of Chuchuhuasi:
~ Traditionally dieted in various Amazonian cultures for spiritual strength, vitality, and empowerment
~ An adaptogen that balances, restores and protects the body, fortifying the immune system.
~ Used by traditional peoples to treat arthritis, rheumatism, and back pain
~ Anti-inflammatory soothes aching joints and relieves muscle pain
~ Used by traditional peoples to boost stamina, libido, and sexual function
~ Cultivates a strong sense of integrity and purity in thought and action, like that of a child. 
~ Spiritual fortaleza (strength) to cultivate the heart of the warrior. 
~ Soothes wounds, helps tend to traumas and spiritual impacts.

The powerful masterplant Chuchuhuasi is a true cure-all tonic. Chuchuhuasi is a large canopy tree from the Amazon Rainforest characterized by its dense red and brown bark.

Like many of our plant medicines, Chuchuhuasi Tincture works on the spiritual, emotional, AND physical bodies. If you are desiring to connect with the invigorating power of Nature, Chuchuhuasi is your medicine.

Botanical Name:Maytenus laevis
Origin: Colombia

Wildharvested Chuchuhuasi Bark distilled in Organic Cane Alcohol

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