Force of the Feminine Hapé Sampler

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We put together four of our favorite hapés for harnessing the power of the feminine. Read on to learn more about the properties of each of these special hapés. 

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Set includes:
Divine Mother Rose Hapé 
Feminine Force Hapé
Bobinsana Hapé
Apurina Force of the Waters Hapé
PLUS a White Four Visions Medicine Pouch from our Ancient Future Line (proceeds for this line go to our Musical Roots Recovery Program for youth in Putumayo) 

*Available in 1/2 oz and 1 oz sizes* 

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Benefits of Hapé (General):
~ Connects you to the Earth, helping you to ground and center yourself for meditation and prayer
~ Clears negativity and stills the mind
~ Offersenergetic protectionthat comes from connecting with the plant, an ally forstrength, clarity, and focus.
~Purifies and cleanses the sinuses and respiratory tract. Used by traditional peoples to treat sinus issues and reduce mucus.
~Supports the digestive system, stimulates the bowels

Feminine Force Energetics:

  • Feminine Strength to be able to navigate situations and make decisions from a place of wisdom
  • Protection, great for invoking energetic shields or asking for guidance in placing boundaries; 
  • Connecting to the Sacred Feminine and the Warrior Woman Archetype
  • Balancing feminine and masculine energies.

Bobinsana Hapé Energetics:

  • Aids in reflection and effective communication
  • Helps us to heal long-held grief, sadness, and pain
  • Connects us to our inner-child
  • Opens the heart
  • Induces flexible thinking and feelings, supporting us in creating sustainable change and transformation
  • Grounds and nourishes the nervous system.

Apurina Force of the Waters Energetics:

  • Helps us attune to the subtler energies of Nature
  • Heightens sensitivities in meditation
  • Connects us to the ethereal feminine
  • Brings us the medicine of the fresh waters, flowing feminine energy that brings grace, clarity, and understanding in decision making.

Divine Mother Rose Hapé Energetics:

  • Heart centering;
  • Aligning with the power of the Divine Mother
  • Calling forth the inherent feminine in your being;
  • Bring loving awareness to the healing of the feminine primordial energies.

Feminine Force:Corda (Sabiá) Artisanal Tobacco, Tsunu Ashes
Bobinsana Hapé:
Bobinsana leaves + Artisanal Tobacco Leaves
Nukini Rose Hapé:
Corda (Sabiá) Artisanal Tobacco, White Rose Ashes
Apurina Hapé:
Awiry leaves, powdered

Storage: Please keep them in the airtight containers they come in, keep away from wet, damp and humid conditions, and store away from direct sunlight.

Consumption recommendations are based on use by traditional peoples. This product is not approved by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness. All product information is for educational purposes only. We recommend consulting your medical practitioner before beginning treatment.

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