Munay Healing Lotion

Our special Munay Healing Lotion is made by Taita Juanito, a renowned healer and traditional Botanist from Putumayo, Colombia. This incredible floral water is made with special Amazonian flowers, roots, and seeds, designed to open your heart and activate your connection to the Feminine. This lotion contains a master plant called chiricaspi, also known aschiric sanango. These magical purple flowers help to remove fear from our energetic aura, allowing us to step into the fullness of who we are destined to be. Chiricaspi opens the heart, calms and soothes anxiety and worry, and helps us to cultivate self confidence + trust our intuition. 

Made with a tremendous amount of love and prayers, specifically for women to find their empowerment and to activate their potential, or for men seeking to understand the feminine more profoundly, from a place of deep respect and honor for the sacred. 

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~ Opens the heart to the strength and power of true, unconditional love
~ Removes blockages and anything standing in our way from accessing our fullest potential
~ Cleans the energetic body and offers a layer of protection to help you strengthen your connection with Creation
~ Helps us to remember our place within the greater design of all of Nature.

Healing Lotions and Floral Waters are plant mixtures infused and preserved in alcohol bases to allow the healing plants to be applied directly over the skin in prayer and meditation.  Our Munay Healing Lotion is designed for use in plant medicine ceremonies, often following, or as part of the limpiezas, the cleansings that take place during ceremony. It is also meant to be used in ritual, prayer, and meditation, with prayer and intention.

Munay, which means love, is a powerful blend of plants to open us to the softness that exists in the place of the heart. When using the sweet feminine herbs, we invoke the spirit of the Great Mother and the Feminine Principle, whose qualities are unconditional love, compassion, grace, and sweetness to come and bless our life.

Female Chondur, Feminine Cuyanguillo, Chiricaspi flowers, Rose Petals, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Jasmine. In a base of Organic Alcohol.

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