Nervous System + Anxiety Support Bundle

A well regulated nervous system is vital to harnessing and unlocking the power of play and reviving wonder for our lives. As we cultivate a balanced root chakra, we deepen our sense of safety and security within our own beings and in the world. From this place, we can tap into the place of radical radiance and flourishment. This special bundle is designed to nourish, balance, and help you find a place of true tranquility, ease, and peace within. Our three best selling botanicals for nourishing the nervous system, soothing anxiety and worry, and alleviating stress. 

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Serenity Drops:
~ Reduces anxiety and stress
~ Eases depression and mood swings
~ Treats both acute + chronic pain
~ Been shown to reduce acne
~ Reduces inflammation (great for those who suffer from arthritis)
~ Balances nervous system (an incredible ally for those who suffer from epilepsy)

Causay Ambi:
~ Reduces stress hormones supporting relaxation
~ Nourishes the nervous system
~ Reduces pain/systems caused by nervous system disorders and nerve damage
~ Stabilizes mood swings and irritability caused by overactive nervous system
~ Helps treat chronic sleep disorders
~ Adaptogenic herbs to help you navigate stressful situations and relationships
~ Balances emotions, mind and body, helping to reset your system to be in sync with the natural rhythms of the earth
~Nourishes the nerve cells with potassium, magnesium and phosphorus
~ Replenishes the endocrine system, strengthening mental acuity and brain function

Ambi Puncha:

~ Grounds you in your physical body and connects you to the Earth
~ Calms the noise of the mind and eases the thoughts
~ Nourishes the nervous system and recalibrates the physical body
~ Helps to integrate spiritual information and process profound experiences such as visions and plant medicine ceremonies

Calling upon the support of many different Amazonian roots, seeds, and leaves, these three potent plant allies form a transformative trio that will become your strongest resource for nervous system support and stress relief. Each one is unique, but working with the three of these botanicals together will radically transform your emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. Read the Recommended Use instructions for how we recommend incorporating the three botanicals into your routine.

Serenity Drops:Fractionated MCT Coconut Oil, Pure Isolate ( from Hemp), Hemp Essential Oil. Contains 1000 mg per ounce.
Causay Ambi:
Coquindo, Espingo, Schkuhria pinnate (Dwarf Mexican Marigold), Cariniana pyriformis (colombian mahogany tree bark), Cyclanthera pedata (caigua), Carica condamarcensis (papaya seeds), Physalis peruviana (uchuva), Eleutheria sp (croton),Aspidosperma (rosewood), distilled in Organic Cane Alcohol.
Ambi Puncha:
Bobinsana, Roble, Junco Negro, Coquindo, Espingo, distilled in Organic Cane Alcohol

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