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Padre Sol Wayuu Altar Piece

Authentic Wayuu Art (One-of-A-Kind/Fair Trade)
This altar piece is a hand woven prayer offered to you and the World by the men and women of the Wayuu tribe in Colombia. These weavings are the foundation of the Wayuu people and is how they support their rancherias (communities). These altar pieces, or “mantas” as they are traditionally called, are perfect homes for your hapé or other sacred medicines, as well as your crystals, healing lotions, or simply to beautify your altar.

The Unique Significance of this Piece:This manta has a weaving that represents, Taita Inti, or Padre Sol and Father Sun. It is woven in communion with the Central Sun and will bless your life with radiant brilliance and eternal light. Through this weaving, your connection with the Divine Father will strengthen and deepen, allowing you to focus upon the inner light within & bring it forth in greater illumination.

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