Plant Allies Agua de Florida Protection Lotion

Purify ~ Ground ~ Protect

This protective lotion is hand-made in prayer with several of Nature’s most powerful plant guardians to offer instant spiritual protection and cleansing.

Made with…

Pristine Rose Water
Sourced from hand-picked, heart-opening roses, this essence forms the gentle foundation of our Agua de Florida. Symbolizing love's embrace and infusing your spirit with the warm, nurturing energy of the rose.

Palo Santo
Revered for its purifying and grounding qualities, Palo Santo brings an earthy, sacred element to the mix. It invites protection, clears negative energies, and strengthens your spirit’s connection to the Natural world.

Frankincense and Myrrh
These ancient resins have been prized for centuries. They synergize with each other to create a portal to higher states of consciousness. They elevate your spirit, and enhance your ability to repel negativity and cultivate inner wisdom.

White Sage and Sweetgrass
This dynamic duo acts as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. White Sage purifies while Sweetgrass invites positive energies, creating a balanced synergy that freshens up any stagnant energy.

Cedar's grounding energy provides a sturdy foundation, like the roots of a great tree. It anchors your intention for protection and stability ensuring you remain firmly rooted in your prayer.

Honoring the sacred tradition of indigenous peoples, tobacco adds a layer of spiritual clarity and protection. Its smoke has been used for centuries to carry prayers to the heavens.

Deeply rooted in the earth, vetiver offers a sense of security and strength. Its earthy aroma connects you to the natural world, enhancing your resilience against spiritual disturbances.

Biodynamic Homegrown Flower Essence Blend
Infused with the energy of biodynamically grown flowers, this essence blend resonates with the cycles of the cosmos, aligning you with the natural flow of the universe and amplifying your protective intentions.

This blend of plants was thoughtfully curated and intentionally designed to support you in your spiritual practice.

Our bodies are incredibly sensitive instruments and can become easily affected by the energies surrounding us if we don’t pay attention to our spiritual hygiene.

To get the most out of this powerful ally…

Spray 4-6 pumps into your hands and set your intention, then apply to desired areas of the body for spiritual cleansing.

This is a beautiful way to freshen up the energy and create a layer of spiritual protection around you.

This is especially useful for anyone who is an energy worker or works with clients, as a tool for clearing energy before and after each session.

We spent a lot of time, energy and attention making sure that this lotion came out perfect and we are honored to share it with you.

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