Suma Causay Tincture For Sleep

INTRODUCING, the Amazon Jungle's Solution to better sleep...

We all know that not being well rested affects our mental & physical health, lowers our productivity, and makes it harder to concentrate and be present throughout our days. Poor sleep can also cause headaches, irritability, depression, and a slew of other problems. If you experience insomnia or trouble getting to sleep, you know how much your life would improve if you could better this element of your routine...

We know it's tempting to pop a sleeping pill when it's 1 in the morning and your wide awake, desperately needing some zzzz's...

But we also know that if your on our website, you probably know this isn't the healthiest option for your system

This is why we have called upon the elements of Nature to create the best ALL natural sleep aid on the market...

We have sourced the strongest most powerful plants designed to calm the nervous system, reset the body, and relax the mind...This special concoction is so potent you only need 6 drops and you'll be out sleeping like a baby.

So what's in it? The two most prevalent ingredients in this tincture are Espingo & Coquindo. Espingo is a master plant for healing and energetic protection, used in many plant baths, tinctures, & traditional botanical remedies. It calms the nervous system and is a source of magnesium & potassium. Coquindo is a seed for sweetness & abundance which is also found in our healing lotions & in our coquindo essential oil. This is the first time we are offering a product that allows you to connect with the healing properties of coquindo by taking it internally. The coquindo can only be harvested once per year, during the dry season, and so it is rare and hard to come by. Together these two plants stimulate a powerful soothing process, quieting the mind, relaxing the physical and mental bodies, and support in a quick and easeful transition to sleep. They both work to heal anxiety, depression, & insomnia.

We promise that if you are looking for a natural sleep aid to promote healthy sleep & good rest routines, you will not be disappointed with this product...It will very likely become a must have in your toolkit.

Coquindo -good for the heart and nerves, reduces epilepsy and brings calm
Espingo -
used to calm insomnia and calms when suffering from anxiety attacks
Valeriana -
treats anxiety and sleep disorders

Other ingredients: water, organic cane alcohol

Dosage: Take 6-10 drops per day, before sleep.

One 2 oz bottle will last 1-3 months depending on with how much frequency you are working with it. Store in a cool dark place.

- Keep out of the reach of children.
- Do not use during pregnancy and lactation.
- Any doubts the doctor should be consulted.

This product is not approved by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness. All product information is for educational purposes only. We recommend consulting your medical practitioner before beginning treatment.

*Consumption recommendations are based on use by traditional peoples.*

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