A Secret Weapon Of The Ancestors

King Nettle Has Been A Secret Weapon Of The Ancestors For Millenia. Used In Ceremony, In Diet & For Boosting Your 3 Bodies…Mind, Body & Spirit!

Here’s What You Need To Know About King Nettle:

According to the stories from the grandparents, King Nettle (also called Stinging Nettle or Ortiga) was first used on exposed skin.

The recipient would bare their chest, back and legs to the healer. The healer would then strike the exposed areas with the nettle thorns.

These thorns are said to carry all the wisdom found in the entire Universe. They act like galactic usb drives.

The pores on your body act like personal usb ports. When the thorns make contact with the body (the port and drive are connected), the exact downloads required in this moment of your life are transmitted and downloaded to you.

Because the path of plant allies believes all healing begins in the spirit and then manifests in the body; King Nettle treatment is seen as a healing agent which works on the Spirit, Mind and Body. Delivering powerful change into your life.

Today we also know, King Nettle can be juiced and drank to ingest its benefits. How the nettle plant works inside your body is nothing short of MIND-BLOWING!

1) King Nettle is a plant-based adaptogen containing complex compounds, which helps your body mediate physical and psychological stress.

2) In very simple words, it helps you achieve balance and homeostasis by reducing stress and anxiety.

3) Its thermal cooling properties reduce heat in your digestive system and promote faster than usual cellular repair.

4) In the jungle Ortiga (King Nettle) is used to treat allergies, arthritis, asthma, blood deficiency, shrink hemorrhoids, eczema, fatigue, menstrual cramps, sluggish metabolism, UTI and to strengthen weak hair, teeth and bones.

Truly King Nettle is an ancestral ally standing strong with us today.

Of course going to a healing ceremony in the jungle is not always accessible and plants from the Amazon are not easily found around the corner from your home.

Which is why we’ve teamed up with traditional healer and botanist Jhon Freddy Cepeda to create an easy to use, easy to acquire super-concentrated Ortiga tincture you can have at the convenience of your finger tips.

This tincture is hand made by Jhon Freddy, using the ancestral recipe and prayers he has learned from his teachers. It is always made in small limited quantity batches to preserve the integrity and power in each bottle.

If you would like to try King Nettle for yourself or feel called to add it to your own plant healing apothecary then click right here 

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