49 - Embracing Light in the Depths of Darkness: The Story of Project Angel and the Path of Chrissie

This episode dives into the transformative healing journey of Chrissie Charley, co-founder of the Mana Movement and a powerful healer, who shares her experience with dark aspects of humanity and her commitment to healing and empowering others. The conversation reveals Chrissie's profound work with Project Angel, an initiative supporting the rehabilitation of survivors of human trafficking, and explores the importance of confronting the darkness to bring about true healing and change. The Mana Movement is also highlighted, emphasizing the collective's dedication to restoring love and empowerment through genuine connection and the Humanity Workshop.

Chrissie Charley has always been guided by the excitement of empowering people to be creators. Named 'chaqaruna' or Bridge-Person by the Q'ero, Wisdom Keepers of the Andes, Chrissie's North Star is activating and rewilding humanity with modern and indigenous wisdom, reminding people of what is already inside but forgotten or suppressed. Chrissie has been facilitating transformational weekends, workshops and retreats around the world intensively since 2012, moving online also in 2017. 



In the episode, we announce that donations contributed to Project Angel over the next week (until 6/10/24), will be matched by Four Visions, up to $5,000. Let’s come together and raise $10k for an incredibly important initiative, family!  Donate here


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