50 - Envisioning Unity with Caro Arevalo: Art, Nature, and Indigenous Wisdom

In this episode, Mariah welcomes Caro Arevalo, a Peruvian visual artist, to discuss her journey, art, and connection with nature. Caro shares her unique process of creating art inspired by the microscopic world, the importance of rituals and ancestral wisdom, and her reflections on intertwining spirituality and science. The conversation delves into the significance of indigenous wisdom, reciprocity, and the role of art and creativity in fostering a deeper relationship with nature and humanity.

Caro Aravelo is a Peruvian visual artist based in Woodstock, NY. Her artwork is embodied in exploring the plant and fungi kingdoms as seen with our naked eyes and through the microscopes; the taxonomy and physicality of living beings as well as the invisible yet powerful spirit and consciousness each of them carries. Her work starts by doing research in nature, followed by capturing it under microscopes and then starting to work on paintings that express these microscopic observations as well as what has been recorded in the field.

Her family comes from the jungle in Peru and through her Amazonian heritage, Caro embraces the notion that we are all connected, the importance of rituals and ancestral wisdom, and embracing our unity with nature in our daily lives. Through her paintings and videos she invites us to cultivate more love towards ourselves and our planet in order to stay creative, curious and aligned with our purpose in the world.


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