Ambi Wasca Immune System Tincture

Ambi Wasca Immune System Tincture --Made by Taita Juanito - tap into the healing benefits of working with this special elixir, made in divine prayer to support overall immunity.

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Ambi Wasca Immune System Tincture, with regular use, can aid in:

  • Recovering from illness and common colds/flus quicker than ever before with Amazonian plant technology;
  • Keeping the immune system strong and vital, a lifesaver for cold and flu season;
  • Regenerating the organs to full strength and optimal functioning;
  • Flushing away toxins and restoring organ health in the event of illness;
  • Unburdening the body’s detoxification systems by stimulating the gut for better digestion and nutrient absorption giving your metabolism much needed support;
  • Assisting the immune system for strength and readiness to fight off anything that may come; be the only one not getting sick this winter!

Ambi Wasca is a recipe of Amazonian plants designed to support and nourish the body’s immune system. The body functions best when the immune system is strong, healthy, & vital. Consider this tincture to be a go-to WELLNESS FORMULA, to support the entire body in health and vitality. 

Four Visions is proud to carry this special medicine created in divine prayer, by our teacher, Taita Juanito. This special tincture is made with traditional plants in the way Juan learned from his lineage of botanists from Inga Pueblo of Putumayo, Colombia.

Pilea sp:Nettle for circulation and blood health;

Myroxylon balsamum:Balsam of Peru. for skin rashes/ailments, nervous system regulation, and respiratory health;

Siparuna harlingii:  Picho huayo. anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal;

Rumex crispus:Curled Dock.for cleansing and digestion regulation. Supports skin & blood health;

Tabebuia sp:Pau d’Arco (anti-inflammatory, flights yeast infections and supports healthy uterus);

Gentianella albarosea:Hercampuri (liver cleanser & detoxifier);

Cedrelinga cateniformis:Colombian cedar;

Other ingredients: Senefeldera inclinata, water, organic cane alcohol.

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