Coquindo Oil

High-Grade Coquindo Oil, for infusing calmness, sweetness, and abundance.

Four Visions high-grade Coquindo Oil is the perfect tool to anoint and bless yourself, calling the essence of the jungle into your daily meditation and prayer practice. Invokes calmness, sweetness, and abundance into your life.

Ceremonial Oils are plant mixtures infused and preserved in alcohol bases to allow the healing plants to be applied directly over the skin in prayer and meditation.  These applications are inspired by the traditional healing cultures for use in plant medicine ceremonies, often following, or as part of the limpiezas, the cleansings that take place during ceremony.   

Coquindo is an Herbal Extract. This seed is medicinal patrimony of the Inga of Putumayo, Colombia. Its' healing power is of incalculable value. This beautiful herbal extract is known to calm anxiety and aid in prayer and meditation.

Four Visions Coquindo Oil is handcrafted by a dear friend and medicine brother in Colombia. Coquindo is a very sacred and rare seed only found in the Amazon. This powerful seed holds a prayer for heart opening, joy, sweetness, and abundance. 

With a beautiful, aromatic fragrance, Coquindo is crucial to the Yage culture for making many of the traditional medicines.

Coquindo Seed Extract.

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