Balancing Botanicals

for Spiritual Illumination

Ambi Sacha Yagé  Microdose Tincture

Four Visions’ best selling Ambi Sacha Yagé Microdose Tincture is designed for profound spiritual study and transformation. Made in the Yagé tradition with fire, water, prayer and chants, our Yagé Vine Microdose offers both spiritual and physical benefits with regular use.

This sacred medicine is a powerful tool that fosters deeper connectivity with your own primordial essence, and inherent alignment with all of Creation. It amplifies intentions and prayers so you may receive profound cosmic guidance and spiritual insights. Visit the product page for use protocols!


  • Supports emotional stability;

  • Enhances mental performance and creativity;

  • Reduces anxiety and stress;

  • Supports nervous system regulation;

  • Helps cultivate inspiration and spiritual strength to make positive changes and shifts in your life;

  • Cultivates a healthy immune system;

  • Aids in the integration of plant medicine ceremonies and profound spiritual experiences;

  • Increases potency of dreams; helps you to remember dreams and uncover spiritual messages available to you only in the dream space.


Caboclo Sananga Eye Drops

Sananga eye drops are a sacred and potent medicine used by the Amazonian tribes for healing both the physical and spiritual bodies. Traditionally, the tribes would use sananga as a hunting tool to sharpen the eyes before going out into the jungle, ensuring a quick and successful quest.

Our well-loved Caboclo Sananga is made by a Caboclo, a Mestizo Brazilian medicine man who trained for many years with the Katukina. It is infused with the prayer of heart opening and complete nervous system rebalancing.  These eyedrops are gentle, yet come with a fatherly, grounding strength that will purify and align your being.

We suggest working with sananga in a spiritual or ceremonial setting to purify the physical and spiritual vision, while always utilizing intention and prayer. Visit the product page for use protocols!


  • Opens inner vision;

  • Awakens intuition;

  • Calms the central nervous system;

  • Helps release negativity and anger;

  • Increases visual perception and enhances colors;

  • Resets the body’s emotional field and opens the heart;

  • May be effective in decreasing depression and anxiety.


Chondur Protection Lotion

Chondur Protection Lotion is made by Taita Juanito, our teacher and a renowned healer and master Botanist from Putumayo, Colombia. This incredible floral water is specially curated with rare Amazonian flowers, roots, and seeds, in order to offer spiritual and energetic protection for your life. 

Carefully prepared with intention and prayer, each bottle ensures maximum healing power. Due to its high potency, only a little is needed to receive cosmic blessings. With an exquisite aroma and a light, airy consistency, you will fall in love with this divine jungle lotion.

The Chondur is a sacred plant traditionally used in ceremonial healing work. It is said that the roots of the Chondur are the "Little People" who were sent here from the Gods to protect and care for "The Big People", the humans. This is a powerful healing lotion for heavy spiritual cleanings that will cut through dense energy and release negativity, leaving you renewed, purified, and light. Visit the product page for use protocols!


  • Cleanses your energetic field;

  • Calls forth spiritual protection;

  • Removes bitterness and cuts dense energy;

  • Fortifies your prayers and daily spiritual practices;

  • Adds potency to your plant baths;

  • May be used in place of bitter plant baths when traveling.


Powerful Plant Allies for Protection

Liquid Black Gold
Himalayan Shilajit

Free Summer Solstice Oracle Divination with Isis Indriya

June 20th at 5pm PDT/8pm EDT

We welcome you to join us for a special Community Divination honoring the summer solstice, led by Isis Indriya. We will be working with an Oracle Divination Board that is a cosmological map of the Universe carrying planetary, astrological, elemental, cyclical, and archetypal symbols.

Through this Rite, we will engage with the Mystery, the Oracle and learn a practice that was fundamental to many ancient cultures. In this Way we remember and bring back a tradition that can help us in this great time of Transition.


Sacred Masculine Gift Sets

to Honor the Month of the Father

Radiant Protector Gift Set (Limited Edition)

Our Limited Edition Radiant Protector Gift Set was hand picked with love by the Four Visions’ Team. Curated with our top product picks to treat yourself, or any special person in your life who is looking to connect with the divine power of the Sacred Masculine. Available throughout the month of June!

Father and Son Hapé Gift Set (Limited Edition )

In honor of the sacred father and the divine masculine lineage, we are offering two very special hapés as a bundle, so that you may experience the power of working with these potent medicines made by lineage carriers who share blood. Includes both Chief Biraci Senior’s Ancestors Hapé + his son, Chief Isku Kua’s Children of the Rainforest Hapé Available in both ½ oz and 1 oz sizes.

Ancestors Hapé

Chief Birací Senior, Nixiwaka Yawanawa, created this hapé to help you connect with your ancestors during potent moments of spiritual connection. This hapé carries the wisdom of the Elder of the Yawanawa nation, the father of Chief Birací junior, who is the current reigning chief of New Hope Village. Made with the traditional Yawanawa recipe of tsunu and tobacco, this hapé will help you to connect to the wisdom of the ancestors, the medicine of our forefathers, and the ones who walked this path before us, paving the way for this new earth that we are inheriting.

Chief Isku Kua’s Children of the Rainforest Hapé

Four Visions is honored to be in partnership with Chief Isku Kua, spiritual leader of Nova Esperança (New Hope) village. Chief Isku Kua is a renowned Cacique of the Yawanawa People.

We are humbled to have the blessed opportunity to share this most sacred, potent medicine. You will feel the powerful spiritual alignment of the Cacique's prayers and lineage when you work with Children of the Rainforest Hapé. We recommend using Children of the Rainforest hapé during spiritual portals such as the Summer Solstice, to help shepherd growth and evolution, and to harness the potent energy of these sacred times.

As Chief, Isku Kua is a protector for the future of the Yawanawa culture. He is initiated into the highest spiritual practices in the Yawanawa tradition. He often travels internationally to share Yawanawa traditions and spirituality with world leaders and has become a beacon of hope for the future of the Yawanawa.

We have a very limited quantity of this rare and powerful gift set, be sure to take advantage while they last!


Force of the Father Hapé Sampler

Our Force of the Father Hapé Sampler is a collection of our favorite hapés to help you harness the power, strength, and wisdom of the sacred masculine. We are thrilled to offer this robust collection of our strongest medicines, thoughtfully picked for the month of June by the Four Visions’ Team, with a lot of love for our Four Visions’ Family!

Earthy Cacao

to Connect with the Radiant Protector and Love of Family

Sikuani Columbian Cacao

The Sikuani People are indigenous to the great planes (los llanos) of Eastern Colombia. This special cacao comes from a husband-and-wife team, who, along with their four children, have dedicated their lives to stewarding the tradition of cacao cultivation, as given to them by their ancestors. In humble service, this family honors their ancestral legacy, living in communion with Nature, working the land in loving reciprocity.

This decadent cacao is deeply ingrained with loving prayers of family and unity. Its rich, earthy, robust flavors remind us that we are all connected both physically and spiritually. Sikuani also carries the potency of dedication, commitment, and connection to the land.

Flavor Notes: Nutty, Earthy

Mood: Dedicated, Committed, Grounded


  • Assists in sustenance and follow-through with projects;
  • Helps grounding and connection to the Earth;
  • Brings inspiration, the energy of motivation for hard-work and focus to enjoy the simplicities of everyday life;
  • Inspires the joy of the present moment and helps us bring loving awareness to our closest relationships, nourishing the family and the home.

Tanzanian Cacao

Tanzanian Ceremonial Cacao comes from 700 small organic family farms in the Kilombero Valley, which borders Udzungwa Mountains National Park, a spot known for its biodiversity. Our only cacao from Mama Africa, this special medicine is grown amidst the laughter and close relationships of thriving village life. It carries the loving energy of community, togetherness, support, and joy. Due to its higher fat content, this cacao is silky smooth and is our recommendation for chocolate makers and lovers of yummy desserts.

As we enter the peak of summer, this is the perfect cacao to share in community to celebrate of the gift of Life.

Flavor Notes: Butter, Cherry, Caramel

Mood: Focused, Clarified, Uplifted


  • Energizes and uplifts mood;
  • Assists in connecting with Nature and all humankind;
  • Cultivates joy and reverence.

Sacred Reciprocity

Children of the Rainforest Highlight: Language Revitalization

Indigenous language holds vital knowledge of the rainforest. Language is a vessel for an intimate relationship with the biodiversity of the Amazon. Language is the heart of culture. Without their language, communities lose their identity as a steward of the rainforest.

The Ancient Future Is Here. Our partners, Children of the Rainforest, are working with IndigiGenius to help Chief Isku Kua save the Yawanawa language from extinction utilizing groundbreaking AI technologies.

IndigiGenius is led by computer scientists and language activists Michael Running Wolf (Northern Cheyenne / Lakota / Blackfeet) and Caroline Running Wolf (Old Coyote / Crow Nation). After working for years as an engineer on Amazon’s ‘Alexa’, Michael Running Wolf created a language reclamation process for endangered Indigenous languages.

Using Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), the same technology powering Amazon's Alexa, and a two year long language data collection, the process is in full swing. The team is building AI voice technology to amplify Yawanawa language learning.

We are honored to highlight and support this incredible vision.

Keep an eye out for an insightful conversation with Chief Isku Kua and Mariah Gannessa, CEO and Founder of Four Visions, on The Four Visions Podcast, dropping on June 17! Streaming on: iTunes | Spotify | Youtube

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