Master Plant Blends

to Herald in the First Days of Spring

Reawakening Vitality Teas

Our Vitality Teas are the perfect tool for cultivating a deeper connection to the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, while nourishing and fortifying the body.

The herbs in our Women’s Vitality Tea have been hand selected to nourish, revitalize, and balance the body; a perfect addition to any morning ritual.

Curated to fortify, ignite, and active, our Men’s Vitality Tea is a customer favorite for its full-bodied flavor and exquisite aroma.

Reawakening Vitality Teas

Renewing Plant Allies

Plant Baths (Bitter and Sweet)

Sweet and bitter plants are used in a specific 23-day energy cleansing program. This powerful ritual heals the energy field and deepens our natural connection to plants. Plant baths are often used as part of a spiritual payment or to integrate after a plant medicine ceremony.

A form of indigenous plant technology they works by creating a dialogue with our cells and the ancient plant wisdom, bringing deep healing, opening, cleansing, and release.

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Yoni Steam (Fertility, Menstrual, Postpartum, Womb Cleansing, and Menopause)

A Yoni Steam, also known as a vaginal steam, or bajos, is the ancient practice of sitting or squatting over a steaming pot of water infused with herbs. It’s a powerful ally for female vitality in nourishing the womb, pelvic floor, hormone rebalancing, and cleansing the womb of toxins, trauma, and female reproductive illnesses. The Yoni Steam is supportive to overall reproductive health and works as a nourishing ritual for reconnecting a woman with her body and feminine center.

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Melipona Honey Eye Drops

Magical Melipona is a special medicine from the stingless Melipona honeybee that comes to us from Central America. Melipona has been used for centuries by traditional peoples for its many healing properties. Due to its physicochemical features, Melipona Honey has many applications such as an antibacterial, hyperosmotic, and moisturizing agent.

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Botanical Nasya Oil

Nasya oil is made to soothe, nourish, and open the nasal passages. Use it for allergy and sinus relief, and to promote spiritual awareness and improve concentration.

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Liquid Black Gold Himalayan Shilajit

Shilajit is a rare mineral-rich mixture of organic compounds found primarily in the Himalayan mountains. This superfood has developed over centuries from the slow decomposition of plants. Shilajit is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine where it is considered a heal-all and is known as “the destroyer of weakness.”
This very special, pure Shilajit is from Dolpo, a remote region of Nepal. The local people extract the raw stone during the summer and and deliver to the traditional doctors for purification. This alchemical process results in a pure and safe medicine, used for rejuvenation and increasing vitality.


Restoring Tinctures

Ortiga, or King Nettle, is an incredibly healing plant therapy offered in the Ingano Plant Medicine Ceremonies as part of the healings. It is used to open the pores all over the body to help release stagnant energy, trauma, and painful memories. Wonderfully therapeutic for all blood issues, circulation problems, and cell nourishment.

Warmi Killa is a traditional recipe from the Ingano Mamas and Abuelas. Made from Amazonian plants, it’s designed to support the women’s hormonal system as well regulate healthy menstruation, and cleanse and detoxify the womb from any infirmities. Warmi means “woman” and “killa” means “moon”, this beautiful tincture is used for the healing and wellbeing of our daughters, sisters, and female relatives; for we are all women of the moon.

Our teacher, Taita Juanito, has called upon the elements of Nature to create an incredible tincture to support optimum brain health; specifically developed to nourish and support intellectual and mental processes, improve memory, and combat fatigue. Four Visions has sourced the strongest most powerful plants curated to strengthen the brain and mind. This special concoction is so potent you only need 6 drops to feel instantly more alert and connected to the force of Nature. Ambi Kindi is a natural energy shot, chock full of powerful plant allies made to help you become more productive and present.

Lana Sungo Ambi is a recipe of Amazonian plants designed to support and nourish the body’s natural detoxification system, the liver, as our systems functions best when the liver is strong and working to its fullest potential. Made in divine prayer, by our teacher, Taita Juanito, this special medicine is blended with traditional plants in the way Taita learned from his lineage of botanists from Inga Pueblo of Putumayo, Colombia.

Revitalizing Cacao

Heirloom Ceremonial Grade Cacao, from Southern Belize

Often referred to as “the food of the Gods”, traditional Cacao was used in ancient Mayan times as a form of currency due to its medicinal properties. Cacao carries ancient healing wisdom that has been used by traditional cultures for centuries. It offers spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing, and connects us to the Creator.

Four Visions is so blessed and humbled to carry this sacred cacao in our apothecary from Southern Belize. Dive deep into personal inquiry with this magical drinking chocolate grown amidst rainforests that cover ancient Mayan pyramids.
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Flow State Adaptogenic Mushroom Chocolate

A perfect vibrational match with the energy of Spring, our Flow State chocolate cups are infused with adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms for clean energy and focus. All ingredients used are fresh, organic, and of the highest purity. Each batch of medicinal chocolate is handmade in reverence and prayer.
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A Guide to Spiritual Payments

Welcome in the season of rebirth and renewal by offering a Spiritual payment to clear heavy energy, and gain clarity for the months’ ahead. Download our free guide to get started!


Special Blend Spring Hapés

Chief Isku Kua's Children of the Rainforest Hapé

Katukina Eucalyptus Breath of Life Hapé

Immunity Warrior Hapé

Mulaterio Beautiful Thoughts Hapé

Limited Edition Propolis Hapé

Breathing into Spring Meditation

Spring is a time for renewal and rebirth, a deep cleaning of old patterns that no longer serve. We hope you enjoy this cleansing, breathwork meditation, practice it to make room for new beginnings.

Sacred Reciprocity

Children of the Rainforest

Four Visions is proud to partner with Children of the Rainforest, a beautiful non-profit that came to life only two years ago. The first mission was to support Chief Isku Kua Yawanawa of New Hope Village construct a school and cultural center entirely dedicated to saving the Yawanawa language from extinction and strengthening the intergenerational passing down of Yawanawa cultural legacy. With the help of supporters like Four Visions, a Guardian of New Hope, the project was a success.

As a Guardian of New Hope, Four Visions upholds an ongoing monthly financial commitment to Children of the Rainforest (COTR), global community of changemakers, by supporting the developing curriculum, professor salaries, and ongoing maintenance of the Isku Vakehuhu, Yawanawa Traditional School—a symbol of hope in the heart of the Amazon. A portion of all revenue this month will go to the sustenance of this beautiful project.

Children of the Rainforest is extremely excited to bridge worlds between North and South America. Please consider joining their mission, to learn more visit

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Spring Dieta

with Taita Juanito

Back by popular demand, we’re beyond excited to announce the spring launch of our Dieta series with Taita Juanito. Keep an eye out for pre-registration, announcing soon!

In the culture of yagé, there are many different ways to do a spiritual diet. Different from the Shipibo culture, where a specific plant is dieted, this spiritual diet is an opportunity to come into greater communion with the Creator, renew your spiritual contracts, and both abstain from, and incorporate, certain disciplines into your commitment.

Our teacher, Taita Juanito, will lead this beautiful journey into spring that will impart renewed energy and a glowing spirit for the coming season.

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