Lana Sungo Ambi Liver Support Tincture

Lana Sungo Ambi Liver Support Tincture --Made by Taita Juanito - tap into the healing benefits of working with this special elixir, made in divine prayer to support liver function.

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Lana Sungo Ambi Liver Support Tincture, with regular use, can aid in:

  • Recovering the liver from a lifetime of abuse and poor lifestyle habits;
  • Regenerating the liver to full strength and optimal function;
  • Flushing away toxins and restore liver health with balanced blood flow to and from your liver;
  • Unburdening the liver by stimulating the gut with better digestion and nutrient absorption giving  metabolism much needed support;
  • Helping the liver sustain healthy, well hydrated cells to keep this vital organ fresh and at full power, while preventing future damage;
  • Helping you vanquish fatty liver, cancer, cirrhosis or any other liver aliment.

Lana Sungo Ambi is a recipe of Amazonian plants designed to support and nourish the body’s natural detoxification system, the liver, as the body functions best when the liver is strong and working to its fullest potential. 

Four Visions is proud to carry this special medicine created in divine prayer, by our teacher, Taita Juanito. This special tincture is made with traditional plants in the way Juan learned from his lineage of botanists from Inga Pueblo of Putumayo, Colombia.

Eryngium foetidum L. :Mexican coriander (Proper liver function & removal of toxins, facilitates healthy bowel movements);

Pelargonim sp:Geranium (sustains and nourishes liver cells);

Cynara scolymus:Artichoke leaf (liver regeneration, increases bile secretion & improves digestion of fats; prevents liver damage; stimulates proper blood flow to and from liver);

Gentianella albarosea:hercampuri (liver cleanser & detoxifier);

Schkuhria pinnata:dwarf Mexican Marigold (incredible natural treatment for liver disease such as fatty liver, cancer, cirrhosis…);

Bidens sp:Spanish needle (supports healthy liver function & protects liver);

Doliocarpus dentatus-Fire Vine (hydrates liver cells).

Please Note: This product is distilled in organic grain alcohol.

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