Ultimate Amazonian Wellness Tincture Set - 2 oz

We are thrilled to share with you our newest sampler, an affordable & easy way to sample some of our best selling Amazonian Botanical Tinctures. Included in this set are NINE two-ounce tinctures from our line ($100 savings).This set makes a great gift for yourself, a loved one, or to keep a few for yourself and gift the rest.

Our unique and diverse line of amazonian tinctures are made by traditional botanists from the Ingano tribe. You will not find tinctures like this anywhere else. Carrying the blessings of the jungle, these sacred plant tools offer support in overall health and well-being, detoxification, cleansing, and purification of the blood & organs. Each recipe has its own unique function and prayer and will connect you to the healing wisdom of nature, allowing you to empower yourself, activate your own inner wisdom, and connect to the spirits of the plants.

Included tincures:

Ambi Sacha, King Nettle Ortiga, Dragons Blood, Suma Causay, Ambi Puncha, Ambi Kindi, Ambi Uma, Uisca Ambi and Causay Ambi

Each tincture contains a balanced blend of 100% Organic ingredients unified in traditional recipes from the Ingano Botanists of the Amazon Rainforest, handed down for centuries in secrecy by the Grandfathers & Grandmothers. 

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