Amazonian First Aid Kit

Our Amazonian First Aid Kit is our collection of our favorite healing botanicals to have on hand at all times. From cuts, insect bites, bee stings, to allergic reactions, irritation of the eyes and skin, to panic attacks and headaches, this collection has an incredible selection of power plants that you'll want in your medicine cabinet. 

Our Amazonian First Aid includes:
Chilcuague Root of Healing Spray 2 oz
Dragon's Blood 2 oz
Melipona Honey 1 oz
Serenity Drops 1000 mg 1 oz 
Ambi Uma Headache Soother 1 oz

Our Amazonian First Aid Kit comes at a discount of 20% off the retail price of these individual products, automatically applied and factored in to the cost. 

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Learn more about the numerous benefits of each plant ally on their respective product pages.

Chilcuague Root of Healing Spray
Dragon's Blood
Melipona Honey
Serenity Drops
Ambi Uma Headache Soother

Learning how to call upon plant allies in moments of emergency or for first-aid treatment is vital to deepening our relationships with Nature. This kit is a compilation of the botanicals we find to me most useful to have on hand for moments of first-aid. Read the recommended use section for a detailed description of how to go utilizing all these tools.

***Please note if you choose to add a small Wayuu mochila to your order, the color of your Mochila will be different than these photos, as the Wayuu bags are all unique, one of a kind. You are welcome to request a certain color scheme in the notes section of your check out and we will do our best to accommodate you. Everyone is always very happy with their bag.

Chilcuague Root of Healing Spray:Wildharvested Chilcuague Root distilled in Organic Cane Alcohol

Dragon's Blood:
Wildharvested Dragon's Blood Sap, 5% Organic Cane Alcohol to prevent fermentation.

Melipona Honey:
100% Pristine, Raw, Ethical, & Wildharvested Melipona Honey

Serenity Drops:
Fractionated MCT Coconut Oil, Pure Isolate ( from Hemp), Hemp Essential Oil. Contains 1000 mg per ounce.

Ambi Uma Headache Soother:
Chamomile Leaf, Black Mint Leaf, Purple Passionflower, Basil Leaf, Peppermint Leaf, Thyme Leaf, Spearmint Leaf, Organic Cane Alcohol

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