Colombian Ceremonial Grade Cacao From the Arhuaco Tribe

We are continuing to expand our collection of Cacao, in order to expand our reach, support, and empower more Indigenous Cacao communities, as well as source more variety for you.

We want to offer you the opportunity to connect with the sacred Cacao in a deeper way by studying the different regions and experiencing the healing properties and unique medicine that each cacao culture brings.

We feel that this is part of the solution to fighting the corporate greed and colonization of chocolate. Through educational resources, workshops, and of course our growing cacao apothecary, we look forward to taking this journey with you.

We've now launched FOUR new ceremonial cacaos in a new presentation.

We are so blessed and humbled to carry this sacred cacao in our apothecary from the Arhuaco Tribe of Colombia. The Arhuaco Tribe are a wise people who steward a vision for the new Earth for humanity. They’re lifestyle is one of profound ritual and regular spiritual payments, as they are guardians and protectors of the Earth. This particular cacao carries the powerful prayers and high vibration of these wisdom carriers.

The Arhuaco people grew cacao over six hundred years ago, prior to colonization of the Americas. When they lost their ancestral lands, over time their cacao traditions faded. With their territory recently recognized as a "living being" and receiving federal protection, they have regained access to their ancestral cacao growing territory, and their knowledge of cacao is coming back strong to be shared with us.

Ingredients:Organic Cacao Beans from Colombia

Best for: Grounding & Peacefulness

Mood:Luxurious, Cozy, Nourishing

Tasting Notes (Flavor Profile): Coffee, Bark, Graham Crackers (these are tasting notes, not ingredients)

We’re sourcing these cacaos in cacao chips, rather than in entire 1lb blocks. This makes dosage even easier! No more mess as you try and shave off the gigantic 1lb block of cacao and weigh out your serving. We hope you love these new additions as much as we do

The following is what we recommend in regards to dosage:

Ceremonial Serving: The recommended individual ceremonial serving is 25-40 Cacao discs (30-40 grams, up to 50 grams) with 5-6oz. water, milk or herbal tea. For larger groups, the entire bag mixed with 8 cups of hot water will serve approximately 12 people.

Meditation Serving: The recommended individual meditation serving is 15-20 Cacao discs (up to 25 grams) with 4oz water, milk or herbal tea. For larger groups, the entire bag mixed with 10 cups of hot water will serve approximately 20 people.

Preparing Your Cacao:
Bring the water close to a boil and then mix in the cacao (do not boil the cacao). It can be blended or whisked for a creamier texture, remember to set an intention as you prepare it as the aroma is part of your offering.

*The are no additives or emulsifiers in our cacao as it is 100% pure which means that some natural fats from the plant might separate from the solids and create a thin oily layer or white crumbles as it cools. This is perfectly normal and does not affect the taste of your drink, simply reheat for consumption.

Nana Marina, our Cacao Wisdom Keeper, shares that it's not about how much we consume or how much our body physically feels the effects but rather what are we offering the plant in our prayer, in our intention. As we deepen our relationship with the spirit of the plant, we may need to consume less to connect.

Sample Cacao Ceremony:

Intention: Set a clear intention which honors the plant first, then your journey and experience second.

Honor: Take a moment to acknowledge the Original Keepers of tradition, their efforts and sacrifices.

Offering:Make an offering, whether to the spirit of the cacao, the earth, the waters, etc. It’s always good to give thanks by giving back in the form of an offering for all of which we receive. Your offering can be in the form of flowers, copal/herbs, songs, prayers, etc. We always like to offer the best of the best and not just what we have left.

Gratitude: Gratitude is the most important part of our rituals. We give thanks to our ancestors, to the four elements, the four directions, the spirit of the plant(s), the sacred sites, etc.

Important Cacao and Health Information

Heart Rate: Cacao will naturally raise your heart rate slightly. Please consume accordingly and mindfully.

Blood Pressure: Epidemiological studies suggest that cacao reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Flavanols found in cocoa have shown to support blood pressure reduction.

Antidepressants: If you are currently taking SSRI antidepressants and/or anti-psychotics, they might not be compatible with the MAOI's (Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors) in cacao. Depending on the dosage, consuming cacao might be ok, as always, if you're taking these types of meds please consult with your doctor.

Pregnant and nursing women: In Guatemala, mothers will drink cacao during pregnancy and certainly during lactation. It is is regularly utilized due to its numerous health benefits.

Other substances: Raw cacao contains both serotonin and tryptophan which have positive effects on our mood. Blood flow to the brain is also increased amplifying brain power.

Caffeine: The caffeine content of cacao varies widely amongst cacao plants and processing, this cacao has shown a very low, to no-caffeine feel.

Children: In moderation and of course smaller doses based on their weight is recommended for children.

Pets: Cacao should NOT be consumed by your pets as it can be deadly. Please keep out of reach from your beloved animals.

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