Handcarved Shipibo Prayer Pipes

We are honored to present to you a small collection of hand carved ceremonial smoking pipes, made of the sacred tree Palo Sangre. They come to us from a Peruvian artist, Vetzo; a world-renowned woodworker in Pucallpa. Each piece is made with utmost intention & reverence, using only sustainably sourced wood from fallen trees...Palo Sangre is a heart opening wood for connection with Nature and with Pachamama, helping you to connect to the spirit of Nature & the force of all Creation.

We've received many requests for smoking pipes as they are a wonderful tool to connect with the ritual of sacred smoke, where we can effectively send our prayers up to the heavens to be received by the Great Creator. These one of a kind pieces are true masterpieces, tools that will accompany you for many years to come. Each one is unique and different animal totems carved in to them (you'll see when you go to select your piece the different options)

Why Should I Use A Ceremonial Prayer Pipe?
It is said that the smoke rising from these pipes combines with our prayers to be lifted up to the heavens and received by the Great Creator. Thus, smoking pipes are a powerful tool that helps you connect further with the power of prayer and allow those prayers to manifest. Smoke is a vehicle of healing, cleansing, and purification.

What Herbs Do I Use In My Pipe?
There are many traditional smoking herbs that you can use to begin your smoking prayer practice. Organic, cultivated with intention Tobacco, for one is an incredible plant ally when sourced correctly. Tobacco has the power to heal profoundly when used with intention, and the power to harm when used mindlessly. That speaks to the reverence this sacred plant teacher deserves. There are other smoking herbs you can use as well to send your prayers to the heavens; mugwort, mullein, damiana, & catnip are all great options.

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