Refresh-Mint CBD Superfood Mushroom Chocolate

Enjoy these powerful superfood chocolates, geared towards relieving chronic pain, reducing muscle inflammation and nourishing the nervous system. Our delicious and decadent CBD chocolates are made with organic CBD extract blended with whole plant hemp essential oils. Our hemp and cannabis essential oils are made from fresh organic flowers picked at the peak ripeness. Steam distillation is the ancient art of allowing steam to pass through plant material and then cooling it to collect the essential oil and hydrosol. Each batch is tested for quality and distinct profile characteristics, hand blended with the finest organic ingredients. This product is 100% THC-free.

In today’s world we’re taught that our time is best spent doing.

Our culture glorifies productivity and output.




This constant state of doing over being can leave us feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and depressed.

One of our favorite ways to balance out the stress & anxiety of day to day responsibilities…

Are these brand new CBD Chocolates.

Our prayer is that this medicine can help those in need of physical relief.

These chocolates are made with the highest quality *ingredients* and packed with the perfect dose of CBD to alleviate stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

*All of our ingredients are fresh, organic, and of the highest purity to ensure safety, health, and potency. Each batch of chocolates is handmade in reverence and prayer and designed to synergistically align with Mother Gaia.

Ingredients: Unrefined cacao butter, Grade A Vermont maple sugar, full-fat coconut milk powder, biodynamic Lion’s Mane fruiting body, mineral-rich Spirulina, organic CBD isolate, Madagascar vanilla bean, broad-spectrum hemp essential oil, peppermint essential oil.

1000 mg of medicine

For those who may be unfamiliar…

CBD comes from the cannabis plant and has a ton of science backed benefits.

It eliminates inflammation & physical pain…

Alleviates stress & anxiety…

New studies even show that CBD can destroy certain types of cancer cells.

Our ancestors have known of these powerful benefits for thousands of years and science is finally starting to catch up.

While CBD is a completely safe and natural way to alleviate anxiety and stress…

There are other potent practices that can help you slow down and tap into the peace & tranquility of Life.

Even something as simple as setting aside a few minutes each day to do nothing can have a HUGE impact.

Or maybe going for a walk in Nature…

Whatever you decide to do– the purpose is to just be.


These go really well with our Flow State & Dream Wise Adaptogenic Mushroom Chocolates.

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