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Refresh-Mint CBD Superfood Mushroom Chocolate

You have stumbled upon what is sure to become your new favorite superfood chocolate, geared towards relieving chronic pain, reducing muscle inflammation and nourishing the nervous system. Our delicious and decadent CBD chocolates are made with organic CBD extract blended with whole plant hemp essential oils. Each batch is tested for quality and distinct profile characteristics, hand blended with the finest organic ingredients. 

The Santa Maria plant is a sacred, master plant, for which we hold tremendous reverence and respect. Our CBD products are special and distinct from others on the market due to the unique nature of cultivation, infusing the highest vibration and prayers for restoring this sacred plant teacher to her throne, after centuries of mis-use, abuse, and misunderstanding her true power. 

These go really well with our Flow State & Dream Wise Adaptogenic Mushroom Chocolates.


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~ Reduces anxiety and stress
~ Improves sleep
~ Eases depression and mood swings
~ Treats both acute + chronic pain
~ Reduces inflammation (great for those who suffer from arthritis)
~ Balances nervous system (an incredible ally for those who suffer from epilepsy)

These deliciously creamy superfood chocolates are an absolute winner in our product line. Layered with hits of the cacao, vanilla and mint- they melt in the mouth with a silky consistency. Feel the stress of the day wash away...It's hard to have just one!

Our teacher, Taita Juanito teaches that cannabis is the perfect example of how abuse and disrespect of a master visionary plant, over generations, eventually lowers its frequency. The best way to resurrect the Master Plant Teachers to their original thrones of wisdom…Is to use them with reverence and sacredness.This is our prayer in sharing our CBD line with you, our Four Visions Family.

The synergy of CBD isolate blended with hemp essential oil creates a Full Spectrum CBD oil that is THC free.

Unrefined cacao butter, Grade A Vermont maple sugar, full-fat coconut milk powder, biodynamic Lion’s Mane fruiting body, mineral-rich Spirulina, organic CBD isolate, Madagascar vanilla bean, broad-spectrum hemp essential oil, peppermint essential oil.

*All of our ingredients are fresh, organic, and of the highest purity to ensure safety, health, and potency. Each batch of chocolates is handmade in reverence and prayer and designed to synergistically align with Mother Gaia.

Contains 33 mg of CBD per chocolate. 1000 mg per bag (30 chocolates per bag).

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