Bee Nectar: Medicines From The Hive

To Invoke Sweetness 
The bees come carrying magic and a song of loving sweetness, reminding us of the nectar of life that exists in every moment. They teach us how to work together, to harvest the fruits of our labor in joy and unity, and to keep things lighthearted. They are divine messengers, connecting the heavenly and earthly realms, bringing us beauty, flourishment, and the celebration of life.

Hive Nectar Propolis Hapé

Coming to us from the sacred beehives of the Kuntanawa people, our Hive Nectar Propolis Hapé is a very sacred medicine. Propolis has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. In the hive, propolis is used as a glue to seal small gaps and prevent foreign invaders from entering the hive. It has a very similar effect on our immune system, acting as a protector and fortifier. Work with this hapé to connect with the powerful medicine of the bees to bring forth health, vitality, and prosperity to your life.

Melipona Honey Eye Drops

Magical Melipona is a special medicine from the stingless Melipona honeybee that comes to us from Central America. Melipona has been used for centuries by traditional peoples for its many healing properties. It is an incredibly nourishing, healing medicine. Use it to soothe the eyes and cleanse the physical and spiritual sight. Work with Melipona eye drops this summer to nourish dry eyes, while using prayer and intention to help you see life through the eyes of children.

Balancing Botanical Bundles

To Invoke Sweetness

We lovingly share three new Botanical Bundles formulated to help regulate the nervous system and nourish the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Each of these special bundles support fundamental elements of being well-rooted and cultivating feelings of safety and security; all vital to accessing our true JOY!

Digestion + Sleep Relief Bundle

Working on our digestive fire and improving our digestion through intention is a wonderful way to stimulate our vigor and passion for beautiful living. Good sleep is imperative to a well-regulated nervous system and for living in a state of joy. As our calendars fill with summer activities, this is the perfect time to provide loving attention to these important bodily systems.

Includes 1 oz bottles of:

  • Amazon King Nettle Ortiga Tincture;

  • Uisca Ambi Digestive Support Tincture;

  • Suma Causay Tincture for Sleep.


Nervous System (Anxiety) Support Bundle

A calibrated nervous system is vital to harnessing and unlocking the power of play and reviving wonder in our lives. As we cultivate a balanced root chakra, we deepen our sense of safety and security within our own beings and in the world. From this place, we can tap into radical radiance and flourishment. This special bundle is designed to nourish, balance, and help you find tranquility, ease, and peace within.

Includes 1 oz bottles of:

  • Ambi Puncha Tincture;

  • Causay Ambi Nervous System Support Tincture;

  • Serenity Drops.


Bobinsana Hapé and Tincture Bundle

It wouldn’t be a proper inner child theme without our beloved Bobinsanita! Bobinsana is a shrub that grows by the fresh waters, she carries the energy of the Cosmic Mermaid, la sirenita. Her roots go deep down into the earth as she lives in grace and harmony with the waters; without being swayed or carried away by the current. In this same vein, Bobinsana supports us in deepening our roots, grounding our prayers and visions, and connecting with the heart space. She helps us to heal long-held grief, sadness, and pain, unlocking the sweet childlike innocence we are all needing!


  • 1 oz Sirenita Bobinsana Hapé;

  • 2 oz Bobinsana Tincture.


New Amazonian Plant Baths

To Harness The Power of Nature

Working in partnership with our incredible Amazonian botanists, we have begun to develop our Rainforest Botanicals Collection. Keep an eye out for new and exciting medicines coming soon! This month, we are thrilled to introduce two special plant baths; Amor Plant Bath and Spiritual Plant Bath. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Plant baths are Ancient Plant Technology that help us to connect with the plant spirits in a very intimate way.

Amor Plant Bath

This very special love bath can be used to cultivate greater self love and a more intimate relationship with your inner being. Work with this plant bath to bless Divine Unions, either for strength and protection upon a current partnership, or for calling in a romantic partner.

Ingredients: Bobinsana Leaves, Coquindo Seeds, Rose Petals, Tulsi, Lavender. All our plant baths are cultivated organically in prayer.

This sacred plant ally is also ingestible and can be brewed into can a tea!


Spiritual Protection Plant Bath

Full of powerful plant teachers for protection, this sacred bath can be used to invoke spiritual armor to dispel negative energies. This potent master plant blend will help you clear and align your energy so that you can embrace joy!

Ingredients: Borrachero (Angel Trumpet), Yagé leaves, Cordoncillo (Spiked Pepper), Rue, Tobacco. All our plant baths are cultivated organically in prayer.


New Master Plant Tinctures

For Spiritual Activation

Chiricaspi Tincture:

Removes Fear ~ Willpower ~ Intuition

These magical purple flowers help to remove fear from our energetic aura, allowing us to step into the fullness of who we are destined to be. Chiricaspi opens the heart, calms and soothes anxiety and worry, and helps us cultivate self confidence and trust our intuition. She also has numerous physical benefits and is known for removing cold from the bones, treatment of arthritis and rheumatism, and balancing the nervous system. Learn more about this special new medicine on the product page.

Chuchuhuasi Tincture:

Tree of Strength ~ Empowerment ~ Integrity

Chuchuhuasi is a sacred plant teacher known as the warrior’s tree. A master plant ally traditionally used for empowerment, integrity, spiritual strength, and vitality. It is also effective in treating arthritis, rheumatism, and back pain. Learn more about this special new medicine on the product page.

Master Plant Tincture Collection

As we expand our collection of master plant allies, we are thrilled to offer a special tincture sampler of four dieta plants. Ayahuasca, Bobinsana, Chiricaspi, and Chuchuhuasi. Available in 1 oz and 2 oz sizes.

Reclaiming Joy and

Innocence Meditation

We invite you to enjoy this beautiful meditation to connect with your inner child!


Sacred Reciprocity

 Musical Roots Recovery Updates

We launched in February and are thrilled to bring you some exciting updates for this incredible initiative. The Musical Roots Recovery Project in the Ingano community of Cundaguá is now under way! The students have undergone the first 12 musical workshops. They received their instruments, were given a very thorough introduction to each instrument, proper care, and an in-depth overview of traditional different ancestral melodies and Ingano techniques.

The well-rounded curriculum is training each student in proper musical warm-up, techniques for the breath orientation, correct posture and positioning, and rhythm. We are so grateful for the opportunity to bring this incredible project to life. Witnessing the children connect with the sacred sounds of their lineage is an absolute honor. It also brings a tremendous amount of joy to the community!

Thank you to our Four Visions Community who has supported this initiative in coming to life! Our Ancient Future Merch Collection is a great way to continue supporting this important project.

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