Ambi Sacha Yagé Tincture-What is Microdosing?

Microdosing is a hot topic these days and we are fortunate and grateful to be able to offer the Ambi Sacha Yagé Microdose Tincture made by our beautiful teacher Taita Juanito. While many may have an idea what microdosing is, there still seems to be some confusion around it. As well, we have been receiving some great questions about the tincture, so we wanted to take this opportunity to address them along with the topic of microdosing in general.

Microdosing often refers to the taking of minute doses of psychedelic substances, however it is important to note that many substances can be taken in this way and many people practice it with a wide array of substances. Nicotine, caffeine and CBD (a non-psychoactive component of the hemp plant) are examples of substances that people have reported positive effects from microdosing that do not contain any psychedelic substances. A microdose is typically considered 1/10 to 1/20 of a normal dose, or 10 to 20 micrograms.

More and more people are seeking the positive effects of particular substances, i.e. more focus, improved mood, energy, emotional balance, increased creativity and higher spiritual insights without the other effects which can sometimes include hallucinations, sensory shifts and other more extreme experiential side effects. Microdosing is intended to unleash a better version of you with very subtle/sub-perceptual changes and not whole-body effects.  In essence, you experience the positive effects of the substance without the visual trip or intense psychedelic effects.

The Ambi Sacha Yage tincture we offer is a sacred recipe of the ayahuasca culture suggested for support in daily spiritual connection and dream space work. It does NOT contain DMT and does NOT have any psychoactive effects. It is a pure plant tincture extract of the yagé vine. It is said to work on a subtle level through the essence (energy body) of the plant medicine bringing the user clarity and balance for the mind, body, & soul.

What do you mean by working through the “essence” of the plant medicine therapy to balance mind, body and soul?

From the beginning of the plant medicine culture, sometimes a pure cup of the yage brew was not called for or possible to use, so an extraction was created. Our Ambi Sacha tincture contains the full Spirit of Ayahuasca with none of the DMT or purging. In addition, the tincture is made by a certified botanist with a vast knowledge of the plant kingdom, a traditional medicine doctor and recognized spiritual healer with over 16 years of experience who comes from the Amazon and is connected with a long lineage in the Yage culture. In addition to working with the plants you are also being connected to the wisdom of the lineage as it is made with the traditional prayers of the culture and community.  “Essence” translates to the frequency or energy body of the plant; it’s unique vibration. When you work with certain tinctures or elixirs, which are derived from a stronger source, like this one, the elders have passed on the wisdom to call upon and activate the essence or the spirit of the plant to do the work. The work in this case would be to offer support through the tincture rather than the traditional brew. This is a long standing practice since not everyone can take the actual brew. We can also look at it as working with the spirit or vibrational frequency of a plant to help us with whatever it is we are looking for. Another example in modern day use would be quantum infusion, such as putting crystals in your water or using a flower essence created through an energy imprint.

Why doesn’t this tincture contain DMT? 

Again, let’s refer back to working with the essence and the spirit of the plants. Oftentimes, many people think that DMT is what heals, but this would be inaccurate. In truth what heals is you working in collaboration with the Divine, healing you together. The ingredients and the suggestions for use come directly from a traditional plant medicine healer and botanist with a long indigenous ancestry. His people believe this can be used to help an individual. They say the Spirit of the plant and the prayers/chants sung when making the tincture are what matter most and that if the person has faith and an open heart, it works. This tincture is meant as a spiritual tool to help empower you and allow you to connect more deeply with your own essence and purity of nature.  All dis-ease has a spiritual quality at its root, so this is offered for those that want to do the inner work in tandem with working with the frequency of the plants. It can be used for spiritual study and dream journeying as well as for immunity support, integration and grounding.

Suggestions for use and working with Ambi Sacha Yage Tincture:

  • Open your heart and connect with the plants. Pray with them and set an intention for what you would like assistance with in your life before you are about to use it. What are you calling in? What spiritual healing would you like assistance with? Ask the spirit of the plants to guide you and help you in this process.

  • For spiritual study and dream journeying start with 6 drops before bed. You can increase to 10 drops per night as you feel the call. For immunity support, integration, & grounding, take 6 drops each morning and increase to 10 drops over time as you feel called. A minimum of 15 days of continued use is suggested. If at any time you experience discomfort, pain or any unpleasant or unusual effects immediately discontinue use and call your physician.

  • Track your progress – maybe you decide to commit to using the tincture for 15 days or a full moon cycle. Keep a journal each day of how you are feeling physically, emotionally, spiritually. Keep track of your dreams. When we write down our dreams we are also co-creating with the dream architects so they know we are paying attention. And, when we write down our experiences in this way we are also entering into a deeper study with the plants.

The majority of people who have used this tincture one time report that they continue to use it because it works for them. And it DOES NOT work for everyone. About 1 in every 150 people feel no effect with this tincture.  If for whatever reason you are not fully satisfied each bottle is backed by a 1 Year-Hassle-Free-No-Questions-Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee. Your healing and satisfaction are what matter most to us!

Thank you & many blessings, Four Visions Market