Ceremonial Cacao: Sourcing with Intention

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Nana Marina, Guatamayan Elder & Guardian of Traditional Ceremonial Cacao Medicine. This is 100% pure ceremonial-grade cacao that has been grown, harvested, toasted, fermented & packaged by Nana Marina & her team of Guatemayan natives. Shop Nana Marina’s Cacao Here. 

Nana Marina, Guardian of the Ancient Guatemayan Cacao Practices & Traditions

It’s practically impossible to speak about the ancient Mayans without discussing Cacao. This plant, its spiritual significance, its history, its energy and its powerful roles in sacred rituals are all key parts to honor and learn from. This sacred native “Criollo Cacao” is originally from the forest of Guatemala by descendants of the original cacao farmers and processed by the Cruz family from the Tz’utujil Mayan tradition. This Cacao is one of the most revered and honored plants for the Mayan people and now by many around the world.

What does “Ethically Sourced” mean?  Today, cacao is one of the most colonized & commercialized indigenous plant medicines. Often times the profit greatly benefits the foreigners while the local people work as their employees only and never as actual land owners and rarely receive fair compensation as the original sacred keepers of this plant. 

We are grateful to be sourcing Nana Marina’s sacred medicine and to be part of a greater initiative to empower the original guardians of cacao, while providing you our tribe with a well trusted connection to the beautiful plant medicine of cacao.  Each purchase directly contributes to Nana Marina’s vision for financial empowerment for her & her village. Shop Nana Marina’s Cacao Here. 

Sample Cacao Ceremony That Honors The Mayan Tradition (Offered to us by Nana Marina): 

Intention: Set a clear intention which honors the plant first, then your journey and experience second.

Honor: Take a moment to acknowledge the Original Keepers of tradition, their efforts and sacrifices.

Offering: Make an offering, whether to the spirit of the cacao, the earth, the waters, etc. It’s always good to give thanks by giving back in the form of an offering for all of which we receive. Your offering can be in the form of flowers, copal/herbs, songs, prayers, etc. We always like to offer the best of the best and not just what we have left.

Gratitude: Gratitude is the most important part of our rituals. We give thanks to our ancestors, to the four elements, the four directions, the spirit of the plant(s), the sacred sites, etc.

Shop Nana Marina’s Cacao Here.