How To Make And Use Plant Baths

In the Amazonian cultures there are many power plants. In fact, EVERY PLANT is considered to have both purpose and power.

The elders teach at the Origin of Creation two very important things took place in the Plant Kingdom.

1) All plants were given the task of supporting humanity during its evolution on Earth.

2) Each plant was assigned a name and specific functions to fulfill on Earth.

This means the entire Plant Kingdom is your ally. And even though you may not always feel their presence, the spirit of every plant on Earth is here to guide your growth.

Of course there are the more traditional plants you’re probably already familiar with such as Tobacco, Ayahuasca, Coca, Cacao and Peyoté.

But did you know…

More common plants such as Basil, Rosemary and Chamomile hold within them profound energy used for spiritual cleansing and healing? These everyday garden variety plants (and many others) have been used by our Ancestors for millennia to treat ailments of the body, mind and soul.

In the traditions of plant medicine there are several ways to prepare plants and apply them, a lot of this depends on what is being worked on and what part of the plant is being used.

There is one simple, powerful and immediately useable technique we would like to share with you today.

This is the plant bath. When working with these plants it is important to speak with them and state your intention to them.

Below we are going to discuss the Bitter and Sweet plant bath process. But first we’d like to explain a few things.

First, you can use the sweet baths as often as you like. The sweet baths are to bring in everything which is sweet and loving into your life.

Second, it is important to remember the bitter baths should be followed by an equal number of sweet baths. So if you do 3 days of bitter baths, you should follow this up with 3 days of sweet baths.

The bitter baths are used to remove heaviness of the spirit, clear up a foggy mind and to remove stress or feelings of emotional discomfort.

The combo of bitter & sweet plants can be used in an energy cleansing program. This helps to heal your energy field and deepen your connection to plants.

Below is an example of a 15 day program:

*3 Days Bitter
*1 Day off
*3 Days of Sweet
*1 Day Off
*3 days bitter
*1 day off
*3 days sweet

How To Make Your Own Plant Baths

All you need to do is first speak with the plants asking for their support and letting them know what your intention is in working with them.

Then boil a big pot of water and break up the plants into the pot, letting it simmer for an hour, then turn it off and let it cool.

You can make enough of the bath to last for about 7 days. The plant baths tend to keep up to 7 days when refrigerated.

When making the bitter bath you use the bitter plants listed below and when making the sweet baths you use the sweet plants listed below.

Bitter herbs are tobacco, reina de la noche (angel trumpet flower 2-3 LEAVES ONLY), white sage, & rue. Sweet herbs are basil, lavender, rosemary, mint, lemongrass and chamomile.

**If you just have tobacco (for the bitter baths) & basil (for the sweet baths) that’s enough. You do not have to add all the plants listed.

**For tobacco, you can buy a few cigars and break them up if you don’t have access to loose leaf tobacco.

After the bath is made and has cooled, you bring a cup with you into the shower. After you shower and towel dry, pour the plant bath over your body and let it air dry. The plants will seep into your pores and begin to dialogue with the ancient memory of your cells.

You then repeat the process once or twice everyday. Until you are complete with your program.

Again keep in mind you can use the sweet bath as often as you like. And the bitter baths should always be followed up by an equal number of days using sweet baths.

If you’d like to have everything simplified for you, you can buy both bitter and sweet baths already prepared and just add water. Just click this link below.

We also have built an amazing collection of other plant baths using the recipes of the elders, who have taught us some the secrets inside of the Plant Kingdom. Visit the entire plant bath collection here.