Weaving the Dreaming: The Culture of Colombian Shamanic Beadwork

All of our jewelry has a meaning. The symbology behind these patterns is very intricate, the Inga people see it as a science, something to really be studied due to its complexity. In this blog post, we will share some different insights into the symbology so that you may begin to learn a little bit about the pieces you are intuitively drawn towards.

Colors: Each color has a meaning. 
Browns: Earth Element (Tierra)
Reds, Oranges, Yellows: Fire Element (Fuego)
Blues: Water Element (Agua)
Whites & Creams: Air Element (Aire)
Greens: The Jungle (La Selva)
Black: The sacred vine of life. This color is present in nearly every single weaving to represent the sacred medicine which gives the Inga people  their pintas for weaving (visions).

Special Common Symbols:
Inkan Sun: This symbol is of the Indigenous Father Sun. It represents illumination, expansion, and evolution. The rays that appear coming out from the center transmit vitality and wisdom, and represent the many paths that come with this expansion. (This symbol is the thumbnail pic for this blog post)
Diamond: This is a very common symbol in the weaving. It is the cosmic Third Eye and represents knowledge, clarity, and expansion. It is the weaving of the spiritual meditation, as well as with connection to the Higher Self. When woven as a large diamond and a small diamond, this represents Source/Creator and theGod-self within us.
Indigenous Flag: The Wiphala. The colors of the flag originate from the light of the Sun. The seven solar rays specify into the seven colors of the rainbow. White represents the intellectual work. Red represents knowledge, wisdom, and our thoughts. Orange represents youth and fertility. Yellow represents Spirit and reflects the original Peoples. Green represents the Earth, the animals, and the plants, all the nature of Pachamama. Blue represents the stars, the rain, and the atmosphere, in relation to the astrology. Purple represents the political and social strutter of the community.
Bow & Arrow: This symbol represents the hunt. It is a medicine for those seeking clarity in your life. Work with this pinta for the organizing of your desires and manifestation of what you want.

Animal Totems: 
Frog: The medicine of the Frog is that of immunity. These animals are born in water and then become animals of the Earth, thus, they represent transformation. Frogs are also the holders of fertility and we call upon them when we need rain. In some indigenous tribes of the Amazon, they work with a special Jungle Frog as a natural vaccination (Kambo).
Deer: The dear is the guardian of the jungle. She is a symbol of grace, innocence, and unconditional love. Call upon her when you are seeking gentleness in your words, thoughts, and action. She carries an understanding of how to walk in balance, as well as the power of gratitude. (the mirrored symbols on either end of this bracelet are the Deer’s antlers)
Snake (Boa): Represents the search within. Also has to do with the rising and awakening of the kundalini energy, that lies dormant in the root chakra in most people. One of the most common experiences of working with our Abuelita Medicina is the awakening of this energy. It is very common to experience Snake pintas (visions) or to feel the sexual energy awakening in the height of the medicine. We learn to work with this energy and transform it into Spiritual Energy that can be used in our awakening.
Macaw: The feathers of this sacred Amazonian bird are used for healing to invoke the properties of color and light. The macaw teaches balance and how to better relate to others.
Butterfly: Transformation. The process of growth and evolution. She is the guardian of the air element. An important message carried by the butterfly is about the ability to go through important changes with grace and lightness.
Tiger: The medicine of courageous love. The tiger represents the balance between humility, gentleness, and tenderness and the ferocity and acute presence. This animal totem is all about the raw, primal emotions and instincts, as well as the ability to trust yourself. It represents personal power and strength, vitality and intuition.
Eagle: The medicine of the Eagle is perception and transformation. After 40 years of life, their beaks and claws are worn out. Eagles go in to the mountains and make a decision, whether to live longer in this form or to die. If they choose to live, they spend the next six months taking off their beaks and claws. New claws and beaks then grow in their place. The eagle then lives another thirty years. Magical creatures that fly the highest in the sky than any other bird, these sacred animals fly the closest to Creator. Call upon the spirit of the Eagle when you are in need of a higher perspective in your Life, or working to transform and align with your Highest Self.