17 - From Rock Bottom to Healing: Ruby Fremon's Journey with Plant Medicine and Authentic Leadership

We welcome transformational guide, Ruby Fremon to the show to share about her incredible path of overcoming  addiction and self-discovery. Ruby shares how plant medicine, specifically Ayahuasca, played a pivotal role in her healing process, providing clarity and insight into her emotions and resilience.


This week, we dive deep into Ruby's transformative experiences in Peru and discuss the significance of authenticity in leadership. We explore how the current world and technology have created a collective of people addicted to how they're being perceived, and the urgent need for more leaders to step up and offer their unique medicine to the world. We discuss the importance of integrating plant medicine experiences into our daily lives and creating space for stillness and being.

Key Highlights:

  • How hitting rock bottom was the catalyst of a profound healing journey and path to personal transformation for Ruby, and inspired her to become the leader she is today. Authenticity is crucial in leadership, and there is a need for more leaders to offer their unique medicine to a world addicted to perception and technology.
  • Integration of plant medicine experiences into daily life allows for stillness, being present, and embracing spaciousness.
  • Prioritizing being over doing and engaging in personal growth in order to increase our impact and shape  the legacy we leave behind.


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