20 - When Sustainability Is No Longer Enough w/ Aras & Christy of Christy Dawn

Discover the profound impact of sustainable fashion and regenerative practices in this episode with Aras & Christy, founders of Christy Dawn. Learn about the hidden "monsters" in our wardrobes and the importance of knowing where our clothes come from. Follow Christy Dawn's incredible journey from a simple dress company to a sustainability leader, using organic materials to create beautiful and environmentally responsible clothing and explore the challenges faced by Aras and Christy in their quest for ethical commerce. Gain insights into the principles of regeneration and the benefits for the Earth and all involved, from farmers to consumers. Aras and Christy share how their journey took them to becoming more than just a sustainable clothing company, and how they have become pioneers in the regenerative farming + fashion movements.  Join us for an inspiring discussion that will reshape your wardrobe and your relationship with the planet.
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Aras & Christy Baskauskas   | @christydawn |

Mariah Gannessa | @mariahgannessa

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